понедельник, 20 января 2014 г.

That pile of Unfinished Projects...

Good morning! Recently, in one of the previous posts I mentioned a pile of unfinished projects. I'm pretty sure every scrapbooker has one. The only difference is the size of that pile and where it is kept. Mine stays in the closet because I don't like to see it. I put it away and occasionally add another page there...

Layouts got to this pile for different reasons. Some are the ones I tried too hard and lost interest in... Others were almost finished but I didn't like how they were turning out... Some I had to take apart and keep only the photos... I even have some that were already in the album, but I took out wanting to fix something.

Today I was brave enough to pull that pile out and give one of the pages a second chance.

I made this page about six month ago. All that this page was missing was journaling. I remember having so much fun making it! My mistake was adding all the little details before taking time to print journaling.

I guess I felt a little lazy taking those brads out and peeling off that journaling card to run through the printer... It only took me about 10 minutes today to get it all fixed.

I guess, I want to challenge you to give one of your projects a second chance. Or am I the only one with a  pile of Unfinished Projects?

While I go take another look at that pile, I'll be waiting for the snow we were promissed to get back in the mood for scrapping winter layouts!

This photo was taken in our neighborhood by my daughter last year. Kids are already excited to see this white fluffy stuff again soon!

Thanks for stopping by here! Have a great day and I'll be back soon!

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  1. I think that you're not a scrapbooker if you don't have an unfinished pile of projects lol. I have it too, but mine is mostly unfinished mini books and a few of the actual one-page layouts.
    The white fluffy stuff is here today!

  2. Ой спасибо что ты меня поддержала, а то я думала что это только у меня лежит стопка недоделаных работ. А альбомчики у меня тоже есть, я потому их и перестала делать, что не могла заканчивать :)

  3. cant beleive how little they were... so cute!!! very nice LO!!!! And yes, the fluffy stuff is here... and lots of it!

  4. Oh yes! very familiar stack.... At first I was like WHAT? only one detail and you have it in that pile, but then I remembered my pile lol One day...