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"Mail box" card tutorial...

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who pinned, repinned and left comments on my "You've got mail" card! It's always so nice to see when people appreciate your work! I've got a couple of requests from different people asking if I could do a tutorial on this card, so here it is.

I apologize that I couldn't do it in video form. One time I tried to record a video and it just didn't go so well for me. I realized that I freeze as soon as I push the record button. So, I've taken lots of pictures instead and will try my best at explaining the process. And after all it's not all that complicated. Here is the card I'll be making today:

To begin, I've cut three pieces of white cardstock paper. One measured 3.5x5 inches, and the other two at approximately 0.5x2.5inches, rounding just one corner.

Score 1/4 inches along one side and make a few more score lines so that the middle section is 2 3/4 inches wide and the section next to it is slightly larger than 1/4 inch.

Make notches at each scored line and also a few tiny ones for about 1/2 inch where your curve is going to be. I also curved my paper a little, to give it the necessary form.

Cover the first small piece with adhesive and glue it to the side as shown.

Bend the box and glue the next piece down. This makes the bottom of your mail box.

Now finish with the rest of the small notches that will go in a curve, making the top of the mailbox.

This is how it will look (the mailbox has a hole on the back; I make this on purpose, so it's easier to assemble this piece, but it will not be shown on the card in the end).

 Cover the second small piece of paper with glue and place on top, covering all your work.

Here is what you should end up with:

Pretty simple.

To make your life a little easier, you might want to add sentiment to the mail box before assembling it. To adhere the mailbox to the card, I used glue dots.

Then I found a few different pieces of paper and glued them together with foam dots. Foam dots are used to add dimension between the pieces and to give extra support to your mailbox at the open end side.

Slide it in and stick it down. Cut a skinny strip of white paper to add a border around the face of the mailbox.

The rest is up to you! You can decorate the card to your desire :) I made this one in the Valentine's Day theme, but it could be used for other occasions too.

I hope I didn't confuse you a whole lot :) If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section, I'll try to answer them quickly.

And before I go, I wanted to share something my daughter made for us on Valentines Day:

Very familiar treat for any Russian speaking person - Chocolate Bologna. 

Yeah, that's the real sweet bologna! It's made out of cookies, chocolate, walnuts, sweetened condensed milk, and butter! It didn't even have to go in the oven and was done after chilling a few hours in the refrigerator. It was the perfect companion to coffee! Thank you Suzanna!

Thank you everyone who stops by! Have an awesome day!

See you soon!

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  1. Love this card and I am trying to make it, but I am a little confused. In the second picture I cannot figure out the score lines. Which side is the 1/4" score on, the long side or the short side. Is there also a score on the short side where the paper is curved and if so, how wide is that score line. I hope I have explained this so that you can understand what I am confused about. Thanks.

    Linda D.

  2. Thank you for tutoria!NOt sure if I will be making one though :)
    But it was really awesome card, not surprised it was pinned so many times. It is really nice to see other version of the same card. Love this one too!
    Thank you for kolbasky, it was really good! I kstati Vovochka chose vashy kolbasky over my pancakes dazhe :)

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Linda, 1/4 inch score line is along the long side. That's where you'll make your notches. Yes, there is a score line before the curve, but I didn't add measurement because the first and the last piece will end up on the back, so they don't have to be specific size. Mine is about 1 inch (first section), and whatever is left for the last one.

    I've added another photo. Hopefully that will help :)

  4. Спасибо большое за идею! Отличная открытка!

  5. Thank you for posting this tutorial. Your cards are gorgeous and so creative!

  6. I just love it. Thank you so much to share it.

  7. Hi, I know you did this tutorial a while ago now, but I just wanted to add my thanks! You have done a wonderful job, and I so appreciate you sharing this with others. Best wishes, Barb

  8. Hello, what a cute and original idea! Lovely how it turned out.
    I live in a remote part of the Philippines as a missionary and I would really like to adapt this card to a way I can make it without some of the essential tools necessary for DIY. Would you be able to scan the cut pieces before assembly? This would really help me out. I would appreciate the help!