вторник, 1 июля 2014 г.

What a coincidence!

Good morning! There was another part I wanted to share from our trip to FL. This one is scrapbooking related though! Well, two days before we left, I was listening to PRT episode and one of the guests on the show shared how much she loves her local scrapbook store. Surprisingly, this lady was talking about St.Pete, FL! You can imagine my excitement, knowing that we will be in St.Pete in just two days!

One of the days, while my little one was taking a nap, my DH let me go enjoy the time at a place that makes me happy! This store was on the opposite side of the city where we stayed, and in about twenty minutes I was in downtown St.Pete.

If I haven't heard about that store online, passing by the store I probably would've not realized all the treasured hidden here! Whim So Doodle - that's the name of this awesome place. Yes, I was like a kid in the candy isle... I took my time to go through every little corner, checking every piece of paper there was in the store!

I was surprised how much new stuff they carried! I found SO many items that I actually had in my cart in one of the online stores! Seeing these things in person makes all the difference. Some of the items I really wanted I ended up not getting, and others that didn't grab my attention online, I totally fell in love with!

Two hours went by like five minutes... I promised myself not to buy the whole store, but leaving empty-handed was impossible. I ended up with just a little bit of new and exciting things to add to my stash of favorite things.

All of these papers are double sided, but I forgot to snap a picture of the other side - there are some awesome designs as well. Some of these papers and embellishments already got their way to a layout or a card...

I used to keep my favorite items for a "special" project, but time has taught me that it doesn't work! Favorite becomes not-so-favorite if I keep it for too long. Now I work with what I love right away and that makes me happy!

Thank you so much for stopping by and if you are planning to visit St.Pete in the near future, make sure you find time to visit Whim So Doodle - you will not regret it! Have a great day!

See you soon!

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  1. I am sure if i did more scrapbooking, I would enjoy this nice looking store with all the supplies.
    Maybe one day it will kick in :)

  2. haha:)) Everyone has his own hobby:) At least go are working on PL!

  3. I'm sure this made your vacation even more exciting :)