вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

Mini Home Decor project

I love to surround myself with little inspirations, especially in my scraping corner. This week I made some pencil cups using paper and tags by Teresa Collins and some cardstock. Originally I was planning on using these tags on my layout, but I figured they will be hidden in the album and I wont be able to see them all the time, so I decided to use them here:

They add some decor and warmth and inspiration to this place... Here they are with supplies in them.

I also pinned a cutout page with an awesome quote to my cork board for the same reason. To be INSPIRED. To remember all the blessings in my life and to take time recording them.

You can find all kind of stuff around your home and using your favorite scrapbooking supplies turn these useless items into usable decorative stationary. And here are mine before they got a makeover:

I also wanted to share a layout I made, that I scraplifted Stefany Dagan's page. Sometimes I make myself scraplift someone else's work that I love, and today was a perfect day for a scraplift - a day when your head is spinning, worrying whether everything is done and ordered for the wedding, but a day when it's too early to do flowers and decorations just yet (will begin that on Thursday)... I needed a creative escape. So, having a piece of work you love to scraplift without thinking much about design is the way to go!

I even kept the colors pretty close to hers. Should say, I really enjoyed it. My hands were working with stuff that make me happy and my head had a break. Well, it wasn't missing completely, it enjoyed pictures and colors and being at my favorite spot.

Next time you are tired or don't feel very well oriented to design a masterpiece - just scraplift one that you like. Happy scraplifting!

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