среда, 19 января 2011 г.

More sharing

I was looking through a pile of my layouts and found some layouts that I never shared here. Here is one of them. Used some Teresa Collins and Basic Grey papers.

I like how two papers of the same color add depth to the page:

This combination of papers happened totally accidentally. I was cleaning the mess on the table and as I was grabbing papers, these pages happened to look good together. So, I placed them aside, came back and made this layout.

Will be back soon!

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  1. Soo, now every time I check the site there's something new :) a good thing :) Except that it makes me feel like i'm sooo behind.... :) Love the numbers on the side there!!

  2. Exactly, everytime I see a comment, I want to add something here. And there is no such thing as being behind because you will never be caught up - there always more stories to tell and pictures to share. One page at a time...

    Thank you for your comments!

  3. No sweetheart, I do not. Why? Do you have one Suzanka? :)
    Anya - that's the best we can do, especially now since we are taking so many more pictures than we did before. I will take it one step at one time :)

  4. Hi mom!!! ya shas v shkole! Im bored. Ya hochoo domoy. mi shas v computer lab. I love this layout. I remember that day very well. So many memories. Love you! (Hug Liana for me):)

  5. Hey Alenka!!! Shouldn't you be paying attention in class :)

  6. Soooo, we are here at my house with Inna working on our DDs, trying to get done...working....goofing off....working again....drinking tea...talking....working on DDs...Nevertheless, slowly we are making progress. Anyway, I just popped in to ask you a question, 'When are we getting together to share our projects, because Inna seems to think that it's this Sunday....and I thought it was next....Let me know.

  7. I see, make sure you do make some progress this time, not just drinking tea... :) I guess we should vote for our meeting date. I'm pretty flexible. If I had to choose it would be next Sunday.
    Tell me what is the best time for you.

  8. We both vote next Sunday, the 30th, this way we will not feel rushed to finish the last details, plus....I have the scraplift thing this week for the first time :)

  9. ha! people, is anyone working? (or in school?) :) I missed everything, I am the last one checking in...

    Anya, where is new page? :-)

  10. School for me starts on the 31st :) worked till 10 today and Inna was off, so we decided that if we get together we'll be more productive. Right.....we were a little bit :p
    P.S. what new page? Your done if your for this week???
    Yelena - What's your progress on the layout for the week? I think I'm a little behind here....can't decided on which pics to use, I have so many that fit the layout....oh well

  11. Yelena - you were the only one who knew about my new page, that I was supposed to put on the blog today... That's what happens when I start a LO without a story in mind. I had a blank moment with the journaling. It IS done now. Will post tomorrow. But I also had to work on my Scraplift page (which will bring a little surprize to myself in the first place)...

    And ladies, I officially announce Sunday, January 30,2011 as our DD Sharing Meeting. Bring something small to have with a cup of tea. Can't wait!

    My, that was long... I could have written an entire post by now...