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Scraplift Sunday - week 3

I am so excited to share the Scraplift Sunday challenge with you today, because I'm actually able to show the work of other two participants. For our inspiration we used a layout by a super talented Robin Werlich.

I really liked Robyn's original layout that used it not once, but twice! The first one, I tried to make as close as possible to hers. (Colors look a little brighter in real life) Here is my page:

It's about the relationship between my two daughters - they truly do have the best relationship two sisters could ever have, and I hope that it will never change. That's exactly what my journaling was about (had to stick it on the back).

Since the first page came together pretty quickly, I decided to make one more. For this one, I turned the sketch on it's side and used the pink/silver combination again, since I still had all the papers out and all over the table. Here is my other version:

Now, I'm happy to introduce to you Lora and her work of art. I love how she used the same sketch, but at the same time made it totally her own. Great job! I am a big fan of pages with multiple photos and she was able to fit 11 on hers. Here is her lovely page:

When I saw this girl's page, I smiled instantly - we used the same strips from pattern paper this week! Can you tell we are sisters? Please welcome Yelena and her creation. I love how she used larger pictures instead of smaller ones. Here's the her lovely masterpiece:

I had so much fun this week! The layout for our next challenge happens to be from the same artist. Happy scrapping ladies! Record your stories, create you memories and have fun!

See you soon.

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  1. Wow, what beautiful pages. There are similarities with the base LO that we used, but each page is so different, so unique.
    Any - of course you would do two pages!!!! :) You're such an overachiever :) That was so neat that you turned the LO on it's side. cool idea
    Yelena - I was just thinking to use some brown paper the other day, I was thinking about fall and orange and here you go making the page for me ;) I like the brown and the green. thumb up :)

    Well, all in all this has been such a great experience that I wanna keep doing it! You guys make it fun. I already can't wait to see the layouts for this week :) .... All i have to say is 'I'm loving it' <3

  2. WOW! Girls, I love this!! I agree, this is a great experience, motivation, and we making "our new memories"...
    Lora, my favorite colors is in a brown/tan family, I never have enough brown paper:)
    Anya,AND U HAVE TO MAKE TWO PAGES? Two beautiful pages...
    It took 3 days for me to chose the pictures... I am sooo behind:(

  3. Lora, thanks for joining and I'm loving it too!
    Alena - don't take three days to choose your photos :) There will be another sketch!
    I was cleaning my table (big mess) and reorganizing my papers and realized that I'm drawn to yellow today... let's see if that will influence my SS challenge...

  4. Anya, for some reason i can't find the layout on her gallery....I don't know why. Can you check, if not send me the layout, please :)

  5. Lora, I just checked it's right on her blog at Be Creative Everyday. There is a bar on the left side - My layouts - it's the second one: orange and brown, title - Spring. Let me know if you can't find it I will email it to you. :)

  6. Love every single page!!!
    Ilusha saw the wedding page today and said,"I hope u are not doing ur december book again". lol

  7. Why did every body use the same layout? I just noticed that. Was that on purpose?

  8. Katya - Thank you very much! And ha-ha for Ilushas response.
    Alenka - that was a Scraplift challenge - that was the whole point of using the same sketch.

  9. Anya, did u use a new border punch on "the wedding" page?

  10. Katya, actually that was one of the older ones I had and I happened to find some white paper punched with it which I thought worked pretty well here. :)