четверг, 11 августа 2011 г.

Got my pictures

Good morning! I don't know about you, but I think there's no better time of the year then August. Warm days without the heat, cooler nights, tomatoes in my garden, back to school shopping -love it so much. Today's LO is not about that, but I just felt like I had to mention my love for this time of year.

Here's my simple layout:

This page started with inspiration from Keisha Campbell's layout. I love her graphic look and the way she designs her pages.

And yes, my pictures have finally arrived. So, I have plenty to work with now. Apparently, they came in the mail yesterday, and my husband decided to give them to me just this morning, saying he didn't want me to stay up late again. Yeah... just don't tell him I wrote about it here.
This is the mess on my table as I was starting to sort them out:

Hope to be back tomorrow with another page. Enjoy this wonderful weather!

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  1. Anya very nice page of course :-) Love the saying about "the moments that take our breath away", so true.
    Is that a future "super talented scrapbooker" on the phto, working on her first project? :-)

  2. Where did you hide all the pictures? And how did i missed it?

  3. haha Tanya that's what i was going to say about the little "scrapbooker" :-) Such a cute pictue!
    Anya very nice job!!! It still amazes me how with just one picture you can see so much more if you scrapbook! And I know… its inspiring… I’m just not that talented/creative! Anyway, Anya can’t wait to see all those pics that r on your table!!! ;-) ;)

  4. Anya agree with you about the weather, it is just great! And when you can't sleep at 5:30 am, the best option is to go for a walk and enjoy pleasent cool morning.
    Ira it is inspiring, I am still waiting for all that accumulated inspiration to come out of me :-)

  5. Thank you sisters! I'm so excited to put that thing together... and I hope you wouldn't get upset since both of you are on some of those photos... :)

  6. hello, one more sister is joining in. Very nice layout, Anya. Yeah I really want to see those pictures too. Tanya, why can't you sleep at
    5 30 am? well everyone enjoy the weather.

  7. Very nice lo, u call it simple, yet it is not...so much depth to it and meaning! Did you stitch through the butterfly? I think that adds a little bit more to the artist story :) Would also love to see all the pictures, or better yet, I would love to see the finished WITL :)

  8. Anya very nice picts. I have huge box with kids pictures it is very cute to look back.
    Remember you told me about a girl who lost all of her baby pict. Kosya said that there are ways to get them back. He can do it, or can give her places where she can go.

  9. Anya, I don't remember if you posted my pink page or not? I think I gave it to you like two months ago, and that very colorful page with danik on it.
    Lora, I 'll try to visit the site more often and participate in the challenges now. Anya, did you ever make your wedding page?