понедельник, 8 августа 2011 г.

Photo challenge - brown

I've been a lot busier last week then expected. A whole lot! But I guess busy is better then boring. There was definitely no time for that.

Finally back with collages that we made for our last challenge. Six pictures of brown things around your house - was the theme. I could keep taking more and more pictures of brown things around my house, but then it would make a "twenty six photo" collage instead of six. Here is mine:

And I guess, I wasn't the only super busy person last week since I received only one collage by e-mail. But, I should admit, I was kind of happy that no one else send it in since Lora's collage was just so totally awesome. I loved it! Lora, the prize is yours. Here is Lora's collage:

This challenge inspires me to make a LO about our home. I hope to make it someday, but for now I'm so glad that at least my Week in a Life Project has some of that documented.

Yes, I did have some time to work on my Week in the Life Project, which happened mostly at night. I have ordered my pictures yesterday (after a long-long time of choosing, editing, planning, collage making process), and can't wait to put it all together.

See you later! Hopefully with a finished project!

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  1. This has nothing to do with the challenge but... Anya i love how you take pictures!!! You really do have an eye for a designer! I have to hire you if we get a house1 ;-)

  2. Thanks Anichka <3 I just wish there were more contestants....I kinda understand Anka with moving...a Katka gde propala? Plus Ira and Tanya, this was a chance for your first challenge...girls, girls, girls...

  3. And Anya, you are the winner in my eyes! I'll have to think about the prize :) plus I love those decorative vases.

  4. I think that both of your collages look awesome. I actually did take that picture of my chocolate cheesecake but then never took any more for being so busy like crazy.

  5. Understandable Anka, I can only imagine...let me know if you need anything or any help :) You should have just used that cheesecake picture then :)

  6. I was hoping to get here with a new post today, but... Maybe tomorrow morning. Did two more layouts while waiting for my pictures to arrive for those 2 I haven't finished last week and for my WITL project.

    Thank you girls for all the nice comments. Sure Ira, you know where to find me. I need to practice on someone else's house before working on mine. :))

    Anka, Lora can help you by offering some temporary hom efor your scrapbooking supplies :)) No, take it all with you and make sure to give yourself a break from school and scrapbook sometimes! I can only imagine of the new pictures opportunity. Make sure to do DD this year!

    That was almost long enough to be a post...

  7. I am so dissapoited by Anka! I thought you would have few collages since brown is you favorite color, as I understand it wright. And moving is not a good enough excuse :-)

  8. Nice pictures Anya and Lora!
    Lora you were right, we should've participated, now looking at both of your collages think I could of done some too, especially I love brown colors so much myself.
    Anya maybe we should have another challenge with collage it is still easier than layout with "journalling" :-)