вторник, 31 июля 2012 г.

Working with a kit

Hello! Here we go again. For a very long time I wanted to try to work with a kit. You are probably familiar with kit clubs and what they have to offer. My favorite is a Studio Calico. I love how they put their kits together but I never worked with one. So after NSD, when Shimelle Laine shared a video on this subject, I've been thinking to give it a try, and I've finally decided to do it.  I based my choices on this kit from Studio Calico, called 35mm:

I gathered some supplies I had on hand. Of course, I didn't have any of the papers that are in the kit, but it gave me an idea of what to put together. Here is what I will be working with:

My goal is to work exclusively with items in this kit, and see what and how much I can create before running out of supplies or inspiration. Ok, you know me. I might change my mind along the way, or I may decide that this is not working for me, but I'm ready to give it a try. I have my first layout started! That's the first LO after having a baby. I need to overcome the fear of ruining the project and satisfy my soul by finally creating something!

And while my page may take some time to be finished, I still have to be creative in the kitchen every day. And by creative I don't mean do something to impress others, it actually means to cut the steps so that I can prepare a meal in smaller chunks of time. For example, instead of making so wanted "пирожки", I made pancakes with chicken, onion and mushroom filling. It's not the same, but it works. All I had to do is to pour a little batter on skillet, add filling...

and try to cover it with some more batter on top. They don't come out very evenly shaped, but they hold together and taste good!

Kids ate them just as is or with sour cream. I had tea with mine.

Hope you are having a great time! My kids did yesterday. They still talk about all the rides they went on at Hershey Park. I'm glad they could go, because weather we like it or not, school time is going to be here pretty soon.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Anya are you telling me that you tried something new and I never got to taste it?! I lookes and sounds delicious, so I will be making that dish very soon!
    Good luck with your new idea of working with a kit! I am sure it will turn out great, as always :) I don't get one thing, why are you afraid to restart with scrapbooking? Maybe now you know how I feel each time I want to create something with my photos.

  2. YEAH!! I agree with Tanya here… how dare you try something new and not let us taste it?! Or maybe it’s a good thing… do they taste as a good as they look? :-D And I’m glad your kids had fun. But that “kit club” that you said we are probably familiar with… yeah, sorry I have no clue! :-/ but it does look interesting! :) Have fun with it! :-)

  3. ha-ha... На олади не пригласила потому что не знала что из них получится :) Ира, ты меня удивила что ничего не знаешь о kit club! Почти :))

  4. :-) well tak kak ya udevila to udevi menya svoimi "oladyami" :-D i will gladly come over!!! :)