среда, 1 августа 2012 г.

Was hoping...

Yes, I was hoping to come back with a page today. Nope, that didn't happen. It's quite inconvenient to scrapbook with one hand. At least I can type and look through picture folders on my computer with one hand. I guess I could share a few random things - a tip, favorite photo and a question.

I used to spend a lot of time going around the cake trying to cover it evenly. Last time I just sprinkled coconut flakes on top to cover all the uneven parts and it looked nice and fluffy. So, if you ever had a similar problem, try that. I'm definitely doing it again.

My sweet little almost four year old feels the need to bring me flowers every day. I don't think there was a day this summer that she didn't find a flower to give me. They may not be the fanciest, but every time she does that, it touches my heart. Isn't that so sweet of her? Here is the smallest one of all, but it's still a flower. I got this one yesterday.

I love teenagers! I think they are so fun. I am a proud parent of one. Yes, we have a variety here - teenager, second child, toddler and a baby! Let's play a little game. I will leave you with a question - what does this picture mean? 

Will be waiting for your guesses. And I'll see you soon! Hopefully tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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  1. AWWW!! That is so sweet of Lianochka! And yes, so touching!!! <3 But the next picture...Hmmm... very interesting... so i'm assuming this is Alyona, and she is tired from doing something that she didn't really have to do? hmm, but what? was she cutting the grass? No, was she playing volleyball with herself? Or is she crying? I think we need a hint :-D

  2. awww... that is so sweet of Liana bringing you flowers of every which size out there, lol.
    That coconut cake looks so good...
    I know exactly what Alena is thinking-how is Anna going to get through her Biochem class?

  3. Anka that was funny, that is exactly what she was doing, ha-ha!

    My guess would be she is trying to get a tan on her back and shoulders.
    Or maybe she is praying, or sleeping, or stretching?
    Anya that is tricky one :)
    That tiny flower, how sweet of her, and how did she even find it? Did she play with magnifying glass of what? :)

  4. Ha-ha-ha... You girls are so funny! Nice guesses, but... just in case someone else wants to add their guess I'll wait, if not, I'll come back and write the correct answer :))

  5. Haha Anka that is funny! yeah that does look like she was thinking that :) haha now we can all imagine how you are when you think about it :) and
    Anya, that cake was so good! Thanx :-D
    and Tanya... haha funny everyone write on what they think it is when they r in that position... of coarse you would think she is getting a tan! :) haha
    Well i'm guessing some more.... i think she watched to much Olympics and she was trying to act it out on the volleyball court but lost and this is her way of coping with it :-D huh? sounds good doesnt it? :)
    Or i think i'm just going to write Alonka an email and ask her :-D

  6. Ira don't you even think about writing email, that is just not fair.
    I thought of Olympics too, only I thought maybe she is trying out some Gympanstic moves :)
    But really she was just SOOOO upset that it is August already and with all the back to school conversations, she realized how she will miss school, homowork and getting up at 6 am, riding Yellow School bus. She misses it already, doesn't she?!!

  7. Responding to the comment from previous post,that poem Anya turned out really funny i ochen skladno i interesno. You've got talent!
    Maybe you should try writing some songs and Vitya music to it, and have our kids sing it then :)

  8. Ха-ха-ха... вы продолжаете меня смешить! И почему я раньше не придумала эту игру?... Похоже что желающих больше нет, но я подожду еще чуть-чуть. Лора росла с teenagers, интересно как она перевела бы это фото :)

  9. Ok, so just repeating what everyone already said...The cake looks good (my mom makes a ferrero rocher cake like that with the white candy and coconut cover)
    That is a very tiny flower :)
    I'm not quite sure what Alyona is doing....Hmmm....She is either upset about something or got hit on the volleyball court and it hurts!!!
    That's my take on it :)