воскресенье, 26 августа 2012 г.

Last few days

Hello! Our kids are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation. Pretty sad to except it but it's true. There was still a mile long list that I wanted to do this summer, but that list would have to wait now. We are taking it easy with something very simple but a little special every day like a picnic, sleepovers, family games or just a trip to a local Dunking Donuts...

I'm sure I've mentioned it here before that I don't have the best memory, and if it wasn't for Project Life I would've not remembered half the stuff that happens. Love to get the reminder of my blessings in form of pictures! I love getting new stack of pictures! I almost immediately put part of them into PL album and choose what I want to scrapbook next. I order them every two to three weeks. This time there were pictures for five weeks for PL album and some extra for layouts:

As you may know I don't have a whole lot of free time anymore but I still try to work at my corner in little chunks of time. I have four projects sitting on my table waiting to be finished. Nothing to share just yet, but there will be some blogging in the near future. Still overly busy next two weeks over here.

With the thought of back to school for my kids, I'm thinking - back to blogging for me.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon! Hopefully with a new project!

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  1. Da, ya konechno ne zavidyu tem komy nado idti v shkoly. so glad that i m done with it. well Anya esli tebe bydet skychno doma bez starshih detei, call me i ll come over : )

  2. Yay! I like that idea! Let me tell you - I'll miss them the very first day. Plus, they leave me without extra hands :(

  3. I think this summer went faster than ever before!
    Non of them were ready to go back, but that is part of our life, we do more what we have to not what we want to, but what we have to.

    I just feel so blessed to have such a great children and I know with God's help they will do fine at school. Plus we can still enjoy spending time together after school.

    Thank you sister for making the last week of summer vacation interesting for them. So glad to live next to you :)

  4. Has anyone tried farmers cheese (tvorog) with honey? it's so good that i think if i had to choose a cake or tvorog s medom then i would choose second option. I ate like 3 porobki tvoroga in 2 days. Got to get more on saturday v rysskom

  5. Anya, I'm in the same boat as your kids but I'm so excited!(don't know about them)

  6. Katya ya farmers cheese nepropovala, a cottage cheese with honey odno is moix obichnix breakfast or snacks. Uverenna chto s farmers cheese budet esho vkusnee, cottage cheese just cheeper :)
    Anka are you telling us you are excited to go back to school?!

  7. It's just so interesting because I'm in the very heart of the nutrition subject this year!

  8. Katya, you ate how much?.. По крайней мере похоже что Славка теперь не будет голодным :)

    Аня, у нас та же самая история с Аленой... она должна была быть home schooled this year, но мы только завтра едем регистрироваться, и поэтому ей пришлось пока идти в школу. Проблема в том что ей очень понравилось и она so excited продолжать дальше, что мы не знаем что делать...

  9. Back to school... Exciting and then the excitement dies down, little by little :) or maybe not for some, kak Anka ;)
    I can't remember the last time when i was not going back to school, but here I am. Can't say that I miss it that much :D Enjoying new season.
    That's great that they love school and are excited about it.
    Farmer's cheese? I think I might have had that once, need to go buy it and try it. But I love cottage cheese, especially homemade, mmmm. It's so good and can be paired with many things. Breakfast, snack, dessert, you name it.
    Anya, waiting to see some of your projects that are in progress :)

  10. Oh, i guess farmer's cheese is just tvorog lol