пятница, 14 сентября 2012 г.

Last day...

It was Myrtle Beach and it was good...

How come vacations end so soon? Again, so thankful for photography! I think it was the best thing ever invented. We will not remember everything, but pictures will bring so many memories back...

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon!

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  1. It was a very NICE vacation!!! I couldn’t have asked for anything better! (except for a couple of more days :-D) and those pictures a beautiful! Pochemu tolko 2? :-/ davay vistavlyai bolshe!! :-)

  2. It really was great and with very pleasant surprise! :)
    I agree Anya why do they end so fast?! Now we are back to work 10 hrs today and it's raining ;(
    Well I really don't want to complain, there so much to be thankfull for, like at least I have a job, and at least it's not icy just rain :)
    Already feel better :)
    Anya would you share with us some more pictures so my day goes a little more intresting, please ;)

  3. Ira wish you stayed with us to the end, it is so much more fun having all the family and good friends together on vacation.
    Katya wish you and Ily'a could come along too, hopefully next year Slavichik will cooperate better for the trip!

  4. Znaesh, Marusya, ya tak namerzlas' last time na vacatione kogda ya bila pregnant chto v etot raz daje tak sil'no i ne tyanylo. Hochy kyda to na ostrova ;)poteplee ili ne pozje chem pervaya nedelya sentyabrya.

  5. Yea, chtoto Anya is stingy with her photos :)
    The weather might not be the warmest but I would think that the ocean water would be pretty warm :)
    Na ostrova? Sounds intriguing ;)
    I love rainy days, so cozy and nice inside....but not for too many days :) Solnishko tazhe lyublu! Everything in moderation :) Every season has its beauty

  6. Agree that every season has its beauty, but love fall the most!!! :) if it were up to me i would have winter for 2 months, spring for 2 months, summer for 1 month, and the rest would be fall :-D
    And weather in Myrtle Beach could not have been any better! Would not go there in any other month!! And ocean water was absolutely the best! We were in the water morning and evening, it was awesome!! :)