среда, 5 сентября 2012 г.

My cousin's wedding...

Hello! I wanted to share a few pictures from a wedding we attended on September 1st. My sisters and I did the flowers for this wedding. We love flowers! They make us happy. And working with them is so much easier then working with people. They don't complain that you cut them too short... or put them in the wrong arrangement... or that you place it by the flower it doesn't want to stand by... They are very so beautiful and so humble...

This place was gorgeous, but unfortunately, too dark for decent pictures...

I loved all the details in the place settings:

The bride looked stunning...

Here they are just before entering the reception hall:

That dessert table looked so delicious! It is still one of my favorite sites from the wedding!

So, that was the end result, which all started here at my sister's garage:

This is only a small part of all the flowers we had to use. We kept the rest of them away from the heat inside the house. One wedding down, two more to go this year...

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon!

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  1. I agree. This was the most beautiful wedding i ever attended. Loved everything...from flowers to table settings...and of course food

  2. Looks so beautiful!!! So delicate and soft. Good job on the flowers :)

  3. Спасибо девочки! По милости Божией они выглядили неплохо. Я думала что пока их довезут до Филадельфию, они рассыпятся - слишком большой вес на один Oasis кубик...

  4. I love the soft look of the bride-her hair looks super! Have to agree that the place setting is so so so pretty and thoughtful. Very nice!

  5. Nice pictures Anya. I showed these to my coworkers and they all loved it! I really like this nice and soft color combination.
    It was't easy and not without many "surprises", but turned out beautiful.

  6. All that preparation for only a couple of hours... Don't you think that weddings become shorter each year?

  7. какая красота!!!!!я в восторге!!!!я же вот кажеться совсем недавно там дружковала, а уже все только воспоминания...эх...хороший ресторан)

  8. Дашенька, неужели ты уже так далеко?! Надеюсь ты от нас уехала не надолго :) А ресторан действительно хороший, hopefully мы там снова будем скоро.

  9. надейтесь, надейтесь..."надежда умирает последней"...))на самом деле не знаю как и когда прийдеться вернуться...если Бог даст такую возможность еще, уже 2 раза дал)