среда, 3 октября 2012 г.

Day three...

Wednesday. The third layout from the kit uses up most yellow papers and some black accents from the sticker sheet. This layout came together pretty easily, maybe because I had drawn a sketch for it and ordered pictures accordingly.

I added pearls to the kit knowing myself that I can't complete a page without them...

 Loved that camera sticker. It was a perfect fit for this page...

So, that's teenagers... but before they get there, they must be toddlers first. Those are the ones I find difficult sometimes but fun too. What wouldn't you think of just so they eat their breakfast. A healthier one, not PB&J. That's the way my four year old was served her oatmeal this morning...

... with ice cream and brownie crumbs. And this photo was found on my camera yesterday after we went shopping together.

It's called "play hide and seek" while mom is doing her shopping. No the clearance price is not for the girl... that's where her sister got her. And no, again, I don't let them do that. I was probably checking out at that time.

But... all of these kids started with babies. Those are the one I enjoy the most (when they are in a good mood). And I'm blessed to have all of the above! Here is the little one in the car on the way to the store

Love, love, love him! All of them! Unfortunately, this little one is not in the best mood right now... Seems like he is complaining that his bouncer seat is too boring...

Thanks for coming over! Hope to see you tomorrow!

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  1. love love love the page. and of course love shopping too :)

  2. Anya you've got some very creative kids each in their own way!
    Very nice page Anya! "Shopteen" who came up with this name? And trying clothing on just for fun is definitely a teenage thing, especially girls. Now when Zhenya wants to come along the first question he asks if we are going to cloths store and if yes he will prefer to stay at home :) good thing though save few $$ :)
    I love that picture of Alena coping manikins, and of course those tiny feet in the adult shoes, Liana had to join the teenagers :)
    You know I kept looking at the color combinations and that red belt on the dress really goese with yellow and black, maybe you should've added one more tiny red thing somewhere on the page. Well just my thought, but it looks good as always

  3. It is good thing that nobody can get kids on "clearence". As much love, care, attention...... they need, it just would't work with kids on sale :)
    That picture of Sashen'ka is SO QUITE!!! Tak i xochetsya v te myagenkie shechki chmoknut

  4. :)) Thanks! Катя к сожалению я не могу сказать что я люблю shopping... приходится просто.
    Таня, у меня в наборе небыло ни одной красной бумажки. Ты не можешь представить какое это искушение когда на полке лежит целая куча, а я должна использовать только те что в наборе... но очень интересно. Приходится выдумывать и выкручиваться.
    Согласна что детки на уценке не бывают. Слишком дорого они стоят!

  5. Were you at Bon-Ton?
    I love how you positioned the largest picture-perfectly into the corner. Prosto prikol'no kak eta fotka goes around the edges where you would expect that paper to be that's covering it. Usually, the pictures end up at least showing edges of the paper (I don't know if I'm making sense here) lol. Prosto idea klassnaya!
    Ya vse hochu poprobovat' sdelat' recept of your shrimp in coconut milk but never seem to get to do it. One of these days...

  6. Anka, it makes perfect sense to me! I know what you mean. What I love is your attention to the detail - love that you pick something out that you like and let me know about it:) Thank you! By the way, I am trying to get as much as possible out of one kit, therefore it made sense to put that photo up in the corner and save a little bit of yellow paper:)

  7. Again… very nice LO! The yellow is perfect for something like black and white (I think). Alonka defiantly could be a model, actually all of them could be! And absolutely love the second picture of the trying on the shoes! That is too cute!
    And if that “girl” was on clearance, I would so buy her! And I would buy little Sashunchik even if he was more expensive! That picture is just perfect. But back to reality, I would love a breakfast like that, I get tired of making myself breakfast, its “funner” when I make it for someone else and have it with them, but for myself I get bored. Now I have 2 reasons to come over, that soup u made and this breakfast!

  8. Ira, I made that apple strudel...it's so easy to make and so so delicious. On dissapered ochen' bistro :)

  9. Duaka i told you it was easy! And you're right it is delicious! So glad you liked it :) and it does disappear quick :)

  10. Again, lovely LO! Love the pictures of the shoes, just goes awesome with the whole LO! Makes me want to make a page right now! :)
    Lianka for $4.99 hehe, too funny :)
    and the picture of Sashka is just adorable, such pretty blue eyes!

  11. Anichka, a gde zhe den' chetvertii??? ;)

  12. Ой, что же вы это про пирог разговариваете когда у меня его нет рядом... Да, на счет страницы, я думаю вы поняли что детки сами себя фотографировали. Я такие вещи обычно обнаруживаю вечером...
    Ира, нет детки на сайле не бывают. Они достаются очень дорого... а на счет завтрака я всё же проиграла - она сьела только ту часть где мороженное лежало... хотя вообще она эту кашу любит :)

  13. Moya babichka, mama miss you soo much!!! See you sunday!

  14. This layout is BEAUTIFUL! I love the photographs and the layout design. :)