понедельник, 1 октября 2012 г.

Welcome October...

As the fall takes over, I notice and feel it more everyday. I'm actually enjoying it now. Especially with the weather like this - warm and sunny!

New month. New week. New goals. I'm up for the challenge again. I plan to have a post every day this week! I know I failed this challenge before, but I want to try it again. So, for Monday, I have the first layout that came from the kit. There was a scraplifting challenge at Two Peas in a Bucket at the time I was making it, so I scraplifted Stephanie Dagan's page to participate.

It's a pretty simple layout in blue and yellow. Love these colors a lot lately! 

 Using papers and stickers exclusively from the kit.

That top while portion looked too empty, so I just adhered three strips of while cardstock to it. It doesn't do much, but is just enough to fill the space.

And before I go, I wanted to share one more thing. I love to try new recipes. Some of them I make only once, others stay around for good. Over a year ago, my sister brought a sample of this soup to me, ever since it is one of our favorite in the house. My kids LOVE it! There were multiple times that I wanted to share it here, but each time it was gone before I was able to take a picture of it :)

For the recipe I used: 1 chicken breast, 1 can of Great Northern white beans,  2 cups of frozen white corn, three medium potatoes, i carrot, I can Cream of Chicken, 4 slices of American Cheese, 1 medium jalapeno pepper.

Chile pepper is the main ingredient in the recipe - don't make soup without it (I do make it without the chicken sometimes). Ingredients may not sound very exciting but it is a must try for creamy soup lovers. Very easy to make! It is served with white corn chips, but you can serve it with crackers too.  Thank you sister for the recipe!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back tomorrow!

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  1. Anya I find that interesting, you are talking about fall season, but your page was make about nice warm summer day near pool :)
    I LOVE SUNDAYS too! Very nice said! I actually feel really sorry for those neibors when you see them working in their yard on Sunday mornings, so sad :(
    Yes, that soup is good!
    Good luck with the challenge!

  2. Ты права, но если ты помнишь, я начала делать эти странички еще летом, а теперь выставляю их в порядке в котором они творились :) Интересно что я всё крутила и вертела как вставить то что мы не делаем будней работы в воскресенье, но у меня никак не выходило:))

  3. anya, ya vspomnila chto mi zabili sfotkatsya v voskresen'e for project life :(

  4. anya, ya vspomnila chto mi zabili sfotkatsya v voskresen'e for project life :(

  5. Lovely page and soup looks good! We love creamy soups in our house. I make creamy potato and Zhenichka even eats the creamy broccoli (he will not eat broccoli otherwise) :) So I have to try this soup as well! One day I may even push it and make creamy mushroom, but that might be a little too far :) (he hates mushrooms)
    The weekends are great, but they are gone way too fast! Wish it was the weekend all the time :)
    Waiting to see all the posts this week ;)
    Have a blessed week everyone!

  6. Катя я тоже расстроилась что за воскресенье нет ни одной фотографии :(
    Лора я слышала про твой катрофельный суп:) Этот наверное будет чем то похож, но ему очень приятный вкус перец добавляет.
    "Wish it was weekend all the time" - me too!

  7. Anya vsetaki nuzhno bilo vstavit kak to, ya rada chto chastenko kogda detki zamechaut i tak silno vozmushautsya kak eto oni travu kosyat segodnya zhe voskresenie?!

    NOT A SINGLE PICTURE FROM SUNDAY?!It's not like you two, does that mean I don't have a piture either? :)

  8. Ага! Хотябы ты вспомнила! Обидно... столько еды... столько друзей и ни одной фотографии:(

  9. Katya thank you again for Salmon, LOVE IT, Ilushke spasibo, zhal chto ego nebilo!!! :(
    Not sure about weekend all the time, we might get a little lazy then :)
    How can someone not like creamy mushroom soup? This one is our favorite, especially when our mom makes it, it is so good! By the way Lora, kogda Savin i brat'ya s Virginii priezzhali i obedali s nashimi brat'yami, ya lichno nasipala vsem mamin syp s gribami. How did Zhenya survive then, pretty sure he ate it, I guess he had no choice :) So you can make it too!

  10. Anya, ochen klassno ti pridumala chtob add just plain white paper strips onto white paper. It creates that something-something...

  11. I know, he had no choice :) he loves the creamy part, but not the mushrooms :) He leaves the stuff he doesn't like out :) But he's not as picky as you used to be, if you put something in front of him, he will eat it. I'd just rather make things that he loves, instead of things that he "has to eat" :)

  12. *He's not as picky as he used to be* typing way to fast :D

  13. Anka srazy vidno chto ti nastoyashaya scrapbooker ne to chto mi nekotorie, zametil white paper strip :)Anka kak tam Andrey privik k tvoim healthy dishes you learn at school? :)

    I guess when wife makes a dish with love then everything tastes better, so you become not as picky :)
    But I agree we choose to cook what our loved ones prefer to eat, I don't make molochnuu kashu anymore, since I got married eventhough it was my favorite as a child.

  14. Anya very nice LO! Blue and yellow looks very good together, looks “happy”. And your soup was excellent, never tried it before and glad I did! I wish moi Sashenka would like creamy soups, but he doesn’t :-/ not any of them so I can’t make it at my house, will just have to come over to your house when you make it.

  15. Ira are you saying Sasha doesn't eat mamochkin mushroom soup either?! Ti mozhesh na 220 Ivy sxodit' xot' sometimes za takoy vkusnyatinoy :)

  16. Ира, нет проблем. Мне только нужно будет помнить звонить тебе:)