четверг, 22 ноября 2012 г.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There's so many things to be thankful for! I'm not going to list them all, because it's gonna take a day to do so. Today was a beautiful day - warm and sunny and I'm thankful for that...
Today we are getting ready to go celebrate Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Today was spent together with kids doing some cooking, cleaning, decorating cake, listening to Christmas music...

It wasn't all perfect, but it was precious and I'm so thankful for today! Leaving in a few minutesto go to the airport to meet my parents and my sister with her family. Going to have Thanksgiving dinner together. I love holidays!

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

See you later!

3 комментария:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! And yes, so much to be thankful for, so many Blessing all around us... Thanks so much for all the yummies that you brought! :) it was such a Blessed evening!

  2. Yes! So many things to be thankful for! God has blessed us sooo much! A good day to spend with family and be reminded to be thankful every day!
    All the yummies look good! :)

  3. Back to work, back to blog :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all too!!!
    Agree with all of you about so many BLESSINGS!
    Ira I really liked the idea of writing little notes about blessings and then reading them. I think if we had more time, we could go on and on and on....
    Kak polezno ostanovitsya i esho raz vspomnit vse milosti i blagosloveniya, i chudesa proyavlennie k nam ot Gospoda, i vosblagodarit Ego za to!!