вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Quick post

Still hard to believe, but it seems like Christmas season is in full bloom! Last week we were at the mall and some stores had Christmas music on already. It also seems like yesterday was the last warm day of the year... 

After that visit to the mall, I got in the mood to create something wintery... that's where this very simple card was born:

Today, I was working on a new page, which I plan to finish and share with you tomorrow. Loved to work with a different color scheme for a chance. While writing this post I got a surprise at my door:

- a package with papers from Les papiers de Pandore! So excited to create something with the given product! That's it for today, but I hope to be back very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Anya that is so true... Christmas is in full bloom! And it seems like they start earlier and earlier each year and Thanksgiving just keeps disappearing more and more :-( even though i LOVE Christmas, just feel like people are less and less thankful for all they have.
    And that card is absolutely beautiful!!!! Now i really want some snow!!! I was just telling my Sashenka how i would like a foot of snow on some weekend, for two reasons: I love snow! And second, that way those people would not work behind my house at 6am on the days i have off!! :-/ it is so annoying! Can't wait for their project to be over!!!
    But back to your news... WOW! That is so exciting!! Not only to get a package from another country but also to know it’s for something that you did... that is so awesome! Congrats again and can't wait to see what you come up with ;-))

  2. I Love you baby sister, you are right about thanksgiving.... Anya, I love you too sis, and Tanya of course!
    ...Mne kazhetsa ya ne sovsem po teme :)

  3. Aww is this Alona? I love you too! All of you, and this is always "po teme"!! ;-)

  4. Ira you are so right about Thanksgiving!!
    Osobenno ponimaya chto edinstvennaya prichina tomy eto chto Christmas prinosit bolshe bisnessa chem Thanksgiving! Ladno bi esli bi ludi tak silno radovalis rozhdeniu Iisusa ranshe sezona, a tak y mnogix ego na poslednem meste posle vsex podarkov, ukrasheniy, vkosnoy edi... ili voobshe net v spiske:(

  5. Kstate ochen krasivaya otkritka!
    Good luck with your new project, that is exciting!
    Alena we all love you too! Dazhe esli ya last mentioned :)

  6. Sister talk! Кому это не понравится? Этому можно только позавидовать:)) Love you all to! А я как раз в этом году не могу дождаться Thanksgiving! Для меня это такой же повод собраться вместе (так как подарки у нас никогда не занимают первое место) и быть благодарными в первом случае за Спасителя рождение а во втором за всё что имеем по Его милости!

  7. Ну вот Ира, я теперь тоже хочу снега! На улице красотище... в доме пахнет свежим хлебом... портфели отдыхают... горячее какао после холодной прогулки на свежем воздухе... и даже зарядка которая в какой то мере приносит удовольствие...