среда, 12 декабря 2012 г.

December Daily days 5&6

Hello! How come tomorrow always has more time then yesterday? Every day I think I'll do so much tomorrow, but when tomorrow becomes yesterday I realize it was very short and quick and didn't have half the stuff completed I planned...

Sharing two more days from my December Daily.

Day 5:

This day has small envelope:

I included a tiny picture of my daughter to compare how much she has changed... that's what journaling is about.

I realized, if I don't have a great story to tell from particular day, I can include my thoughts or memories. There's no rules. Remember?

We were making tags this day, so I repeated the idea I saw on Pinterest and included a bunch of tags on this page.

Day 6:

Tags are glued to a pocket that holds more journaling:

Hopefully I can catch up with more pages from DD. Some of them will be very simple, so it shouldn't take much time. I already printed pictures for the next few days. Hopefully I can come back soon to share more!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. That picture of Alena is so so cute! Eager to see more DD pages later!

  2. See i told you that picture of Alenka is nice! Even in black & white ;-) oh and the little one is so cutcie wootcie :-D anyway, so true about time tomorrow and yesterday... it always seems that way!!! and very nice pages,you book is coming alone nicely!

  3. Thank you! Thanks Ira for the picture too:)) I really want to get those next few pages done, but have been so busy these couple of days!

  4. very inspiring, Anya. Ira took that picture? wow Ira way to go. Is that true that Alena bought a camera too?

  5. Катя я сама Иру узнать не могла:)) Да, Алена тоже купила! Это наверное эпидемия такая ходит сейчас. Так что те кто ещё не купил дорогой фотоаппарат, делайте прививки:))

  6. Haha Anya... delayte privivki haha :) ne nado delat'! Davayte vse pokupayte!!! :-D

  7. a gde mozhno zapisatsa na privivku?! A to xotya menya poka ustraivaet, no tol'ko togda kogda ne sravnivau svoi foto s vashimi.

    I vsetaki kazhdiy god Dekabr' proxodit vse bistrey i bistrey, i dazhe ne spor"'e so mnoy!!!

  8. Со скоростью Декабря я согласна... а на счет прививок от фотоаппаратной болезни не знаю:))