четверг, 21 марта 2013 г.

Colorful "Birthday bouquet"...

Good morning! I just wanted to share my "birthday bouquet" from Two Peas in a Bucket. I love flowers! Flowers make me happy, but they don't last long... This year, my husband substitute them with a gift certificate to Two Peas and I could not be happier! I got a new cutting mat and replacement blade for my Cameo.

My old ones still work but the blade refuses to cut thicker paper. Also, I could not get an order without a few new pieces of pattern paper... I didn't get much, but that was just a perfect addition to my collection. Here are my favorite sides of them:

 And here are the back sides of the these papers:

By looking at them you can probably tell that my favorite color right now is blue, and my favorite pattern is diagonal stripes:) Before placing the order I tried to ask myself, what is it that I really need or something that will help in my scrapbooking process and I realized that I'm always looking for journaling cards and label stickers. So, I added a few of those too.

This one was my favorite of four. It is by My Mind's Eye and I wanted to get one from each of their collections that was available. Their colors are so soft and they have a white base (yes, my sticker better have white base or I may never use them). Here are a few of the cut up sheets:

I went ahead and cut most of them apart right away, so they will be ready when I scrapbook. Aren't these great? This paper is by Lawn Fawn. One sheet has 12 journaling cards:

This one is from Boy's collection by Echo Park - I needed one of those since most of my collection was on a girly side, but our household has a boy now too :)

And this one, by Teresa Collins, was my very favorite piece out of entire order:

These cards are SO perfect for Project Life and are great addition to any page!

Love them! But the back side of these is also so pretty that I didn't want to cut it into pieces. I wanted to get a few of these papers, but unfortunately it was the last piece in the store at the moment.

Another one by Echo Park - love these little calendars. Again, can be used in PL too.

I wish I could add some free scrapbooking time to my cart, but there wasn't any available... My little one has four teeth coming out at once and that does not make him very happy.

Hope to be back tomorrow! Have a great day!

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  1. I like the name of your post :-D haha a birthday bouquet :) and looking down its not a usual bouquet, but knowing YOU it totally fits!!! Looks like your husband really knows what you want ;) have fun working working with those :)

  2. WOW so nice of Vitya, so thoughtful. And how many birthday gifts did you get from him? Wasn’t the trip on Sat your birthday gift too? :)
    That is a lot of cards you got there, nice set!

  3. Niiice! Every little piece is beautiful and i'm sure you'll be using them fairly soon ;)

  4. And by the way, Happy very belated Birthday!!! :) Lot's of blessing to continue for you family and you!