пятница, 8 марта 2013 г.

Box card...

Сначала всех моих дорогих посетителей поздравляю с 8 Марта! Всего самого наилучшего вам дорогие женщины! (Как то я не привыкла обращаться к вам как к женщинам... наверное по старому лучше - девочки!) А теперь маленькая поздравительная коробочка-открытка.

I'm back with a little box-card. I don't take credit for the idea, because I didn't invent it, but after seeing them before a number of times, I finally decided to take my twist on it. The yummy papers from the Pause Cafe collection reminded me of coffee, candy, chocolate... and inspired me to do a special card which first comes as a box.

I'm in love with all the browns in the collection. But I didn't want to use them all for a box, so I covered the exteriors with matching cardstock. Love this brown circle tag! I tied the box with ribbon to hold it together. But when you untie the ribbon and take the lid off, the box opens up and looks like this:

I filled a treat bag with chocolate covered raisins, tied it with a bow and used another tag from Pause Cafe collection.

This tag had a perfect spot for a stamped sentiment. And this is how the card looks by itself:

I used a lot of pop dots to add dimension to these cute cut out images. And I could not complete this project without my trusted friend - Silhouette Cameo, to cut out words for each box. I used a stamp by Fiskars to add a sentiment in the middle part. Close ups of each square:

When a card for a friend is not enough and she doesn't need a present - this could be a perfect solution. I really enjoyed making this box and I'm pretty sure it's not the last one you'll see me sharing here.

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and don't be surprised when one of these might come your way :))

See you next time!

7 комментариев:

  1. Wow! Kakaya krasota! Am I getting one of these? lol

  2. You sure are! I made another one today:)) When is your birthday?

  3. You sure are! I made another one today:)) When is your birthday?

  4. ya ne protiv to get one like that : ) and...you don't have to wait till my birthday : )

  5. Very nice!! A great gift idea! And i'm with everyone else, wouldn't mind getting it at all :)))

  6. WOW Anya!!! Everytime i think this is the greatest thing you've evr made, you go and top it! You just TOPPED it!!! Especially with the candy inside :-D i WANT one!!!! ;-)

  7. Спасибо девочки! Ira, just when I thought you left the best comment, you come back and leave a better one! :)))