вторник, 16 апреля 2013 г.

Enjoing quiet moment...

It's finally nice and quiet here after a long day. Enjoying this moment. I sat down to check email and went through some pictures that needed to be ordered. A few things I noticed (since I don't have many handmade thing's to share today).

1. We really enjoy warmer weather around here!

2. She loves him so much:

3. And he loves her back:

4. You may think where do I find time to blog... Well, that's because my kids took over cleaning:

4. If you order something online, make sure you tell your husband, or it may end up in the recycling bin. I checked the tracking number - it said DELIVERED. Checked our door step - nothing there. Then I decided to search for my box and found it in the recycling bin by the door. Glad it wasn't Friday when they pick up our trash...

5. It's getting late and I start feeling a little like this:

 6. Oh, I just remembered that I made one card last week for Mother's Day. It's round one for a change in pink and white and brown...

7. I missed my 300th post last week. It may not sound like a lot to some people, but it's a pretty big number for me:)

Good night and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Klassnaya idea of making that card round- very pretty, just for a mom. I see that you've been using blush and coral colors a lot lately- like them both. Pictures of Liana with Sasha reminds me of pics of her and Mufasa- those were hilarious!

  2. Thank you! We missed you here:( I guess taking tooo many credits take all your time! And yes, Sashen'ka replaced Mufasa for Liana:)))

  3. Agree with the post above… round card is really pretty and different, and even better in person! (I saw it :-D)
    The pictures are priceless… Sashenka reminds me of Suzana more and more! Just look at his smile, that is so Suzik!!! And the last picture… “he loves her too”… hahaha :) yeah, that’s about how he loves me too! And I can only imagine how much cleaning Sahunya did haha I did see a picture of your living room that he helped “clean up” haha :)

  4. Oh and Anya... what did you get in the package? :-D would defiantly not be funny if it got thrown away ;)

  5. Hahaha - "that’s about how he loves me too!" It probably depends on his mood:) Yes, he is pretty good at giving us opportunities for cleaning:)))

    My box had scrapbooking goodies! I can't imagine it getting thrown away!

  6. Anya and why didn't you tell me you have all these helpers, I could use extra hand while all the cleaning withe remodeling!
    My extra 6 hands are getting tired of remont and extra duties, so I could borrow some :)
    Not sure how much of the cleaning they can do, but looks good on picture :)
    The card is awesome, it is different, the only problem is you can't send it in envelope.

  7. Таня, считай что мы договорились, в эту пятницу я могу отпустить их к тебе на целый день!! А для открытки делается специальный конверт:)

  8. Cute pics and very beautiful card! Delicate and intricate at the same time. Ya bi ne protiv pomoshnikov tozhe ;)