среда, 24 апреля 2013 г.

"Pause Cafe"

Hi! It is such a gorgeous day outside today, so I'll be very quick today.

I just made a page last night and quickly wanted to share it with you. I used Pause Cafe paper collection from Les Papiers de Pandore. This time around page totally started with their cute journaling cards I was craving to use...

and then came everything else - design, photos, story...

Pictures were printed at home. It is so much easier to make a collage on your computer first and then adding them all at once as one big piece. That's in case you have a lot of photos for one page.

A little closer look of cluster of embellishments:

I must admit, I missed making layouts. I love making cards, but it felt good to finally make a page! There's another one I almost finished earlier, but I was having a trouble figuring out how to add journaling to it.

Got to go enjoy this perfect weather today!

Hope you have a great day and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Super page! Love the color combination-really makes you feel like cafe. I also love this phrase on top of the page " you are like cream in my coffee". Do you take your camera to grocery stores? (if that's where this was)
    I am currently thinking of creating a nutrition blog. What do you all think?

  2. шикарно вышло! кофейный с голубым..и черно-белое фото!очень стильно)

  3. Anya I was trying to call you but always got voicemail.
    I have everything in my SUV . I can come over Friday morning to drop it off. Let me know if this time works.

  4. Девочки спасибо! Аня, ты редко увидишь меня без фотоаппарата:)) Так что и в магазин мы ходим с ним тоже.

    Алина спасибо! фото печатала дома, а на домашнем принтере иногда цвета не всегда точные получаются так что пришлось печатать черно-белым. Хотя я люблю черно-белые фото :)

    Инна, да конечно всё подходит! Буду ждать! А теперь нужно проверить телефон, может батарейка села :)

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