понедельник, 5 августа 2013 г.

"Hello" card...

Do you enjoy your August weather? I think this is the best one we could order! I LOVE cooler nights and mornings. Perfect for a walk!

 Just wanted to share a "Hello!" card quickly. I used Les Papiers de Pandore products and a printable circle from a rotary phone. Added handmade flowers and cut out leaves from one of the papers in the collection. I made this card a while back, but there was something that bothered and couldn't figure it out.

 It was a bow. I removed it and replaced it with cut out doily-flowers.

We are a little busy here today since it's our little girl's Birthday! She is turning five today!

 Got to go now, but I'll be back soon! Hopefully tomorrow!


4 комментария:

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIANOCHKA!!!!!! :))) we all love you so very much!!! Rosti poslushnoy, horoshoy i krasivoy! Pust' tebya Gospod' obil'no blagoslovit i dast tebe vse chto tebe nuzhno dlya togo chtob bit' Ego detem! :)))

    A otkritochka ochen' milenkaya, i like it a lot! By the way, mne nado 1 birthday card, very soon!! Hope you have one :) have to send it to MN ;)

  2. Поздравления принимаем! Открыточку сделаем и спасибо что заехали!! She loved her present! Thank you!

  3. Mi pozdravleniya lichno yzhe peredali, no eshe raz Happy Birthday to the little girl, full of everyday energy and ideas :)

  4. Love this one too. Hope your sweet girl had a great birthday!