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Scrapbooking on a Budget - Scraplift!

 Hello everyone! Don't you love how scrapbooking hobby gives you so many different outlets to express yourself. Some days you feel like blogging, other days you just wanna stay at your table and create, create, create. That's where I've been missing :) It happens each time I clean my table. I mean when I reeeally clean and reorganize it.

Today I wanted to share another "Scrapbooking on a Budget" secret and two more pages! It may not seem related to Budget at first but I have my reason's behind it :)

Secret #11: Scraplift to save time and money.

There are at least three reasons why scraplifting helps you stay on the budget.
  1. First of all, scraplifting saves time, weather you make a very close lift or use a partial idea like photo placement, design, or color combination. 
  2. It's pretty easy to guess pieces of papers you will use by checking project you are scraplifting, so you don't waste your favorite product by cutting a bigger piece and then cutting away smaller pieces that will not be good for anything else.
  3. Scraplifting is a great exercise for beginners especially. You can save money on classes, since some classes teach by making you copy a project anyway. There are ton's of great classes and workshops that teach you more amazing thing's and techniques, but you can start learning by scralifting.
I have two examples for you today. First one is a very close scraplift of a layout by Jennifer Gallacher.  Jennifer is one of my most scraplifted scrapbookers. When I saw THIS page, I knew I will be scraplifting it! I just wanted my album to have one like that too. I started making this by choosing products that were as similar as possible to the ones she used.

 I did just a few minor changes along the way like including my journaling in a different spot and to shrinking her 12x12 page into a smaller 8.5x11 size. But the outcome is pretty similar.

After making this page, I learned that I love using arrows on the page and I started including them a lot more often now.

My second page was inspired by Nichole Magouirk. I love the way she used butterflies on THIS page, and I love her color combination here. Again, I did my page on a smaller format. Used two photos instead of one. Used papers and products I had on hand, not trying to match any of hers. But I had a visual example that took all of the guessing work out of the game. This layout came out pretty quickly.

The story is about Liana's uncle that always needed a kiss from her...

All of the butterflies were cut with Cameo, which made all the detailed work of the page - a piece of cake. All I had to do is change the size and pattern paper. I used a stamp by Les Papiers de Pandore and a few printables by Heidy Swapp.

And of course I have to mention, that scraplifting is allowed and even incouraged as long as we mention the name of the artist who made the original project. I can tell from my own experience, it was so nice to receive an email from a lady across the country telling me that she scraplifted one o my pages. She also left a link, so I could go check her scraplifted page out. Feels great knowing, that someone was inspired by your work!

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Thank you everyone for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll see you next time!

Happy scraplifting!

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  1. AWWWWW!!! I absolutely LOVE these LO’s! Especially the second one! Love the soft color combinations… and the title! And of course the pictures ;) He really does come up with the silliest, most random excuses just to steal a kiss from your kids ;)

  2. Haha Liana was so cute, love first story. That is really nice to be able to capture such moments. I guess it takes some training to react to situations like this with camera instead of yelling at her.
    Love bothe layouts, but I do love colors more on the second one and love those butterflyes.
    Oh and Sasha yes remember all his good reasons :)) Is he gonna do the same with Sashunka?

  3. By the way somehow I never got that feeling to "create, create, and create" even when all my tables were clean. Gmm not sure what you are talking about :)

  4. :)) Ira I knew you'd like the second one:)

    You are so funny! Tanya, you need to have "stuff" to be inspired, but when you can't see your table because of the stuff, it is not very inspiring:)))

    btw, these layouts were done about two months apart. Second one was just made yesterday. I did make two more pages and a few cards last week, but I can't share them just yet.

  5. Very nice tip. That saves time, I have to agree. Very pretty layouts, so many layers-love it! I know, Sasha's reasons for a kiss do not make any sense half the time, lol. He would say to Rusik, "Potselyi dyadu Sashu za to chto y nego black pants" or something like that. Every kid, though, never denies him a kiss, which is unbelievable!

  6. He-he-he:))) I didn't include any examples, but you are exactly right! или "Поцелуй дядю, потому что сегодня вторник"... только Саша понапридумует всякой всячины. У него очень оригинальные шутки, которые не понятно откуда берутся :)

  7. So pretty! LOVE all the movement both the arrows and butterflies create! You're such an inspiration, Anya!