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Thoughts on December Daily...

The end of October means it's time to put your December Daily album together.

I've made a DD with Ali Edwards and many others for four years in a row. I loved the idea of documenting day to day life and stories. I LOVED getting supplies together to create a new book that will hold all of these stories. I loved taking pictures and thinking which one of today's moments I want to include in my book to remember for years to come... but...

I've been thinking a lot about December Daily lately and I had to make a decision not to make one this year. There are a number of reasons for that, but one main reason that overweight the excitement to join others on yet another fun DD journey was that my scrapbook albums are totally missing Christmas stories.

We love to scrapbook summer. I have a little bit of fall and spring related scrapbook pages, but not a single Christmas layout. When I thought about it, it felt a little sad. It seemed like we don't even celebrate Christmas at all. I know why that happens for me. We start Christmas season early... It starts with the stores displaying Holiday merchandise a lot earlier than we are ready to see it. These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago:

Flip flops and snowmen kinda don't go together on the same picture...

December is a pretty busy month around here. When December comes and you finally feel like it's holiday season, that's when you want to scrapbook Christmas! But for four years I concentrated on December daily. We can only do so much. After December was over, I wasn't even done with DD, because towards the end of the month it's usually getting a lot busier. Honestly, sometimes, I didn't even feel like finishing my DD in January, not even talking about making a page.

This year, I want to concentrate on scrapbooking our favorite Christmas and Holiday moments and adding them to our albums! Old memories and new. Funny and precious. Our traditions and people we celebrate our holidays with. I'll still try to take some pictures everyday, but that will be added into my Project Life album.

Also, I didn't make enough Christmas cards last year, so I'm starting early this year and will try to expand my collection throughout the season, so I have a choice when I'll need a card. Here's one I just created last week:

I used some beautiful papers by Les Papiers de Pandore for it.

It does feel a little sad saying NO to DD, but I feel that this is the right decision for me this year. I'm looking forward to making a lot of Christmas cards and creating winter and Christmas layouts!

Any thoughts on this subject? I'd like to hear!

Thank you for stopping by today! I have two more pages to share that I created recently. Both of them are waiting for journaling, so I hope to see you tomorrow!

Have a great day! Enjoy the weather!

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  1. Oh no Anya, that sounds way too depressing. You were such great motivator for doing DDs each year (although I didn't do them each year). I am a little sad... It was really nice to look at what you have had going on each day when you were posting your DD pages. You gotta compensate then by creating layouts for each day in December, lol

  2. :))) Anka, you know I'm easy to convince! Don't start on that! :)) But I am planning on making a lot of winter and Christmas pages, some of which may be stories of this December.

    Thank you, Isbaha!

  3. Wow, no DD this year??? That is a shocker, but I do see your point... with PL and wanting to create Christmas related Los. Well, it will be sad not to see your DD progress, buuuut even without the DD you have to make a commitment to "update" us on PL :))
    Anka, r u doing DD this year?

  4. Lovely card by the way, I'm liking the colors teal and pink right now :)

  5. Lora, I really want to and have already been thinking about but still haven't found time to assemble it all together. I am really going to try to do that soon, especially my December will be so interesting this year because I am applying for internships

  6. Well, then you have to do one :) I know, time is the issue here, I need to start on that too, I already have all the papers and supplied together in one box but no the book base yet....I am doing a very simple one, to have the memories is most important!
    Plus, I just found out not too long ago that you have a blog, so I'm hoping to see some of it there or in person :))

  7. Absolutely gorgeus card! Azh kazhetsa zhivoy i ptichka napominaet Ykrainu.
    No DD? ydivila ti konechno nas, no nemogy niche trebovat, a to y samoy tol'ko est za 2 goda. I zhal' chto vse busy i tak i nesmogli share our DD's. Our first DD party was really nice.

  8. I totally understand where you're coming from, Anya. That's exactly why I have never started one. Not to mention, that I feel completely overwhelmed with trying to keep up with something like that. Looking forward to seeing all those scrapbook pages ;). And your card is AMAZING! LOVE all those layers to bits, and the shimmery blooms are perfectly delish! WOW!