среда, 13 ноября 2013 г.

"Hello 1991" ...

11-12-13... I know that's yesterday's date, but it looked pretty cool. I was planning to be here yesterday with the new page, but by the time I went to finish that journaling, it was already dark outside and that means I cant take a picture of it. I'm thinking about a light box more and more often lately...

I've made a new layout! And it's a Holiday related one as I promised. Honestly, I had so much fun creating this one and recording a memory that is more than twenty years old! Ouch... I feel really old now... Anyway, here is "Hello 1991" page:

It was just one of the moments from my childhood that I remembered so vividly. Of course I didn't have pictures to support the story, but that didn't stop me from recording it. There's such thing as Google. I found a few images that were pretty close to what I remember, and made a collage. I printed them b/w - that's how most of the photos looked back then (that old feeling again) and printed this photo at home. I also created that skyline in the Silhouette studio.

I used a clock, Christmas Tree and a calendar - items that support the theme for this page.I didn't want to bring attention to the bottom of the page, but that right corner seemed a little empty, so I added a very subtle numbers and a triangle that was covered in glitter to add some sparkle.

That's my page for today. I stayed up last night and made a few cards. I'll be sharing them soon. I'm not saying tomorrow, because who knows, we could get snowed in and I'd spend the day shoveling snow...

Hey girls, are you up for a challenge? I loved those times when we could share our pages of the same theme. I know we are all busy and stuff, but how about recording any Holiday memory and share it here with everyone on December 1st? I know, sometimes we need just a little push. That would be a great way to start a Holiday season plus, believe me, it will put you in the mood for Christmas! Let me know if that's too much.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and have a great day!

I'll be back soon!

4 комментария:

  1. Very pretty page- love it!
    I like your idea of creating holiday page. I'm up for it!:)

  2. Great story! Ya tozhe pomnu ty noch, xotya ne s takimi krasochnimi detalyami kak ti :)
    You are a great story teller, you should start writing some christian books, like for kids.

    Still thinking about creating page, you know me ;)But would love to see you all create something!

  3. Thank you! And hooray for the challenge sign ups!!!:)) If you divide it into pieces, and work in little chunks of time - it is so doable!