пятница, 1 ноября 2013 г.

Hello November and Hello Sushi!

Hello friends! You knew it, right? If I promise to post something every day for a week, I will have a very good excuse for a missed day. Or two. Well, we are back with summer weather around here! We are taking advantage of that and spending as much of our time outside as possible!

It was a truly frozen yogurt weather.

You should've have heard the sound he made here :))

 This is how we waited for our older one while she was at her piano lesson.

Well, that was on Wednesday. Yesterday and today we played volleyball, worked in the yard (removing leftovers from tomato plants) and making lots and lots of Sushi.

My sweet cousin came over last night with a whole bunch of ingredient to teach us how to make sushi. She even brought her own slow cooker.

 It was fun and loud and very crowded here...

And together we made a pretty big tower of these delicious things! They were gone pretty quickly. But Liliya brought so many ingredients as if we were opening a Sushi bar! So, I just had to make more sushi this morning to use up some of them. Here is what they looked like right after I rolled them up (by the time I took a picture, two of these already disappeared):

It does take a little time, makes a mess in the kitchen, but you get so much of them - which makes homemade Sushi pretty affordable!

If you like sushi, please stop by, we still have some left! (I just realized, we made 20 rolls in two days... and each roll is cut into about 8 pieces) Maybe that's why I'm not hungry for Sushi anymore...

I will leave you on this note because I have to go take care of the dough that is trying to escape from the container it's sitting in. Thank you, Alyona, for making bread for us! And thank you for never complaining when I ask you to do it!

Thank you everyone for stopping by! Have a great weekend and I'll catch you here next time!

I have a new page and a card coming up next time! See you soon!

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  1. Yum, can you all come over and make sushi for me? Lol

  2. oh u went to Sweet Frog...love their frozen yogurt too : )

  3. Yes we did :) Мы когда только подошли к двери Сашенька увидел и сразу сказал "Ам!" Я удивилась что он запомнил это место!

  4. Sashen'ka tak s appetitom kushaet, azh mne zaxotelos, no budy yzhe zhdat Yo-fresh

    Shushi was really good, would'tn mind having some right now

  5. i WANT some SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!! like right now!!! Ahh looks sooo good!!!!! :))) and looovvveeeeee the photos of the little ones!!! :) so adorable!!! ;)

  6. Thank you! But I don't mind some sushi today too! I guess I should make some and invite you over :))

  7. Thants an awsome idea! ;-D and i'll bring something sweet and we can celebrate our Aniversaries together :-D