понедельник, 9 декабря 2013 г.

First snow...

Hello! Yesterday we got our first snow! Yay! I believe there's nothing that makes it feel more Holiday than fresh fallen snow! It doesn't make the best driving conditions, but it sure looks pretty! This is how our teenagers celebrate the First No-School Snow Day:

 Our snow was cover with a little bit of rain this morning that made the world around look like this:

I have a few wedding cards to share that I made last week. I know it's not totally in the holiday theme, but we will be needing these soon! I've made all of them on teal, silver and white. Loving my Silhouette for cutting out all of these beautiful pieces ...

a little close up...

This blog got 100th follower yesterday! Yay! Thank you ladies! Thank you everyone who stops by here!

I hope to be back tomorrow with something Holiday related!

See you soon! 

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  1. чудесные открытки! а фото просто нереальное!!)

  2. От открыточек прям такой свежестью веет))) А фото действительно нереальное. Анечка, ответь мне на одноклассниках))))

  3. Спасибо Наташа! А на одноклассники давно не заходила... обязательно отвечу!

  4. A devchatam ne holodno bilo on that photo? Klassnie otkritiki. I think they're just right for winter weddings

  5. Нет не холодно! Им было очень смешно, и наверное это их согревало :)))

  6. Anya, are your girls homeschooling this year? I am homeschooling both of mine. Nice that you have snow. We have christmas tree, and you look outside you see sand instead of snow :))
    Inna K

  7. That is so awesome! Do you miss snow during Holiday season?

    Yes, both of them are. I love it. So do they. Сузанна пошла вперёд по программе, а Алена идет по расписанию, так как муз.школа занимает много времени. Пиши чаше! Мы скучаем!

  8. Yes, we do miss snow. So we are going to Switzerland to ski in January-February. They have a foot of snow daily. So, I can't wait. I teach the kids, they are not at the level when they can work independently. So lately with guests coming over for a months since October. Now we have my family over, that's why I have extra time. It's nice to have them here for Christmas. In my house everything is decorated. Everything is handmade, mostly out of paper:(( :)) inna

  9. Oh wow! I would love to see your decorated house! Especially the handmade stuff! Did you do it together with kids? Send me a few pictures!

    1. Its mostly snowflakes. Yes we did those with kids. Also for ornaments I wrapped seashells in aluminum foil . It turned preatty good. I did not want to buy anything. So it looks different. The kids like it. For the snow we used styrofoam. Lilya had to work on that, since I can't here that noise.

  10. :)))) sounds interesting! You reminded me that I wanted to make some ornaments with kids too!

  11. The cards are absolutelu beautiful!!!!! :)
    And the pictures... who is co creative? I love your pictures! And Alyonas pictures that she puts up on Instagram... so creative! Plus never been done.. volleyball in the snow :)