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Scrapbooking on a Budget - secrets 12 &13

Hello December! Can't believe "The most wonderful time of the year" is finally here! I wish everyone this December to really be that most wonderful time! It's cold and busy, but there's always something magical in it!

I have two more little secrets to share today in Scrapbooking on a Budget series.

Secret 12: Use your favorite product.

I know, at first it doesn't sound like a money saving tip, but believe me I have a good point behind it. Scrapbooking industry continuously provides us with new products, new lines and other new stuff. I remember a while back, getting a few pieces of paper that I really loved. But I wasn't using them because I loved them too much. I didn't want to ruin them and kept waiting for a perfect moment to use them. I always thought there will be a more special project I can use these on. But as time has passed, my likes have changed, hundreds more of beautiful papers were released and I still have that paper in my stash. Plus, it's not in the "favorites" section anymore.

So now, whenever I get new paper, I cut into it as soon as I get a chance to scrapbook. Sometimes it's the same day. This way, I work with the stuff I like today and enjoy doing so! I know there will always be more new and special paper I will love.

During the last CHA release, there were two lines that I liked the most: Santa's List by Teresa Collins and 'Tis the Season by Echo Park.

In my last order from TwoPeas I got a couple of pieces from each collection and enjoyed working with them right away. I made two cards using this piece of papers from Echo Park:

Here is the first one, using a tag with a deer:

And here's the other one mixed with a few pieces from Teresa Collins collection:

Covered white rose with glitter for snow effect:

Obviously, we can't use all the new stuff at once, but I never wait for a perfect moment or a perfect project anymore! I use it now because I love it, unless I've ordered it for a specific project.

Now, you probably have a question, what to do with those papers that we fall out of love with? I guess, there could be a number of different options like giveaway, share, mix old with new, but my favorite is - re purpose it. And that's our next little secret:)

Secret #13: Re purpose.

I get through my supplies periodically and put aside not-so-loved-anymore papers, or the papers that were in the paper pack that I never liked in the first place. I don't throw them away. I like to use them to make little gifts, getting double joy doing so - I don't feel like I wasted money and I am able make someone happy!

I like to make little journals for little kids. They love them! This simple gift totally made Liana's day! She was carrying it around all day and even took it to bed with her!
I totally adore Webster's Pages paper, but for some reason I have difficult time using it. It's too pretty by itself. I collected a few pieces and now use them as covers for these books! They work perfectly! To protect that cover, I cut a plastic file folder to size (got a pack of 6 for .50 cents at a local office supplies store that was going out of business) and added to front and back of the book.

Here is the simple recipe for a handmade journal:

Collect a few papers form that "not-favorite-anymore" pile in a color scheme of your choice.
I usually gather about 4 to 6 pieces of paper.
Cut each 12x12 sheet of paper into two 8.5x6 pieces.
Get a pack of lined paper from Office supplies store, and cut 1/4 of the pack into 8.5x6 also.
Punch holes in all of them using a few pieces at a time.
Add cover, rings, envelopes, coloring book pages (you can find some HERE to print at home).
Tie a ribbon and deliver a little joy to someone special in you life!

These may work great as Christmas gifts too!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I did my Black Friday shopping online and LOVED it! No lines, no traffic, no getting up at 6 in the morning! Waiting for a few packages to arrive this week :)

Got to go now. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

See you soon!

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  1. Great tips, love! BEAUTIFUL cards! WOW! And I adore that little book idea! What a great way to use up those unneeded papers!

  2. Thank you for the tips. I tend to hold on too long on embelishments, not so much on papers but then I realize: what did I buy them for, if I'm keeping them forever? Lol

  3. You are exactly right! Разве что твое хобби и заключается в том чтобы собирать красивые вещи, как мы в детстве собирали открытки или календарики :))

  4. Eto pravil'no luche rabotat s temi bumagami chto nravyatsa, mozhet potomy y tebya poluchautsa takie prelestnie raboti!

  5. Love all your tips and tricks!
    Thanks so much :)
    Your work is beautiful :)