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Scrapbooking on a Budget - secrets 14 & 15

Hello! I really had to take a break last week, because of a crazy busy schedule, but I'm so happy to be back! Even though I didn't have much time for scrapbooking, while cleaning my desk I was suddenly inspired by a color combination and that's how another page was born. Today I wanted to share it in a form of another secret of the Scrapbooking on a Budget series!

This one shouldn't cost you anything. All you have to do is check your supplies. You may have done that before, but if you didn't, you might be surprised to find something you wouldn't have thought of to use on a page before.

Secret #14: Use packaging as embellishments.

A while back I bought a clear Butterfly stamp set by Martha Stewart.

The packaging included clear plastic with images of the included stamps. So, I've decided to cut it up and use these beautiful transparency butterflies on a page!

I love how something I already had on hand could become a totally new item in my embellishment box. Here is a look of the whole page:

I wanted to go for a very simple look on this layout to balance all the journaling. Also, while making this page, after getting pretty much everything done, I found two more pictures from the same event, that I really wanted to add, so I've adhered them under the PL card.

Even though this page is going to be inside a sheet protector, and probably not too many people will ever see these photos, it was kind of a relief to know they now have a home on a page. I guess it may also serve as a little surprise to a very curious person someday.

Secret #15: Use office supplies in your scrapbooks. 

I'm sure many of you are familiar with this item and might have it in your home. Usually this package contains hundreds of these little ring stickers and you may have a lot of leftovers like I did.

They were originally designed for reinforcing a hole on a page with punched holes, but who said you can't use it on a scrapbook layout to reinforce the design on pattern paper?

I loved the effect! It might be very subtle here, but it adds a little more interest and dimension to the page.You can also use it as mask before adding mist to the page or put them in a row to make a scalloped edge border.

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Thank you for visiting and I'll be back very soon with more to share!

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  1. Very beautiful LO! I love how you say that its very simple... "in your eyes"... but not simple at all! So many interesting details, beautiful pictures, and i love the little surprize pictures. The hole puch rings are such a great touch, like it looks in the Lo. Very clever!!!

  2. Always new ideas, agree with Ira, VERY CLEVER!Loved those punched holes :)
    Very nice LO as always!Beautiful pictures, makes me crave warm weather even more!
    By the way SPRING is here!!! A hint for an update on your boarder :)

  3. Thank you sisters! I got the hint:)) Waiting for warmer weather to get new photos!

  4. Always enjoy reading your scrapbooking on a budget posts! Very nice!

  5. I am in love with butterflies and i love how you use them... perfekt page