пятница, 18 февраля 2011 г.

As promised

I have told you before, there was a set of pictures I wanted to use for last week's scraplift challenge. I really liked Jennifer's layout and still wanted to make a page using those photos. I'm happy to finally share something with you. Here is my lo:

I tried printing pictures at home before, but had issues with color (they were coming out way too bright for me) and yesterday I gave it a try again and after searching my options on printer I realized that one of the advanced option choices has been set for Auto Enhance. That's what was making all the difference. I DEselected that option and now the colors in my photos are so much better! I totally fell in love with my printer all over again!

The ledger circles were planned to have journaling on them. When I started writing it, the story happened to be longer than those tags could hold... Yeah... I'm still trying to decide how to fix that. One of the options is to summarize it in one sentence and use the story for a different lo. I still have MANY pictures I love from Canada. I warned you before - you'll be seeing a lot of those.

One little detail I wanted to point out - use a dot from letter stickers to imitate a brad. It totally works.

Now, I will be out of town on Sunday, therefore SS layouts will be posted on Monday, but I'm ready to announce our next challenge. It will be a little different from the ones we did before.

Scraplift Sunday week 8 - make a page about yourself! This week you can use any page for inspiration that you like, but your page has to be about YOU. I know it will be hard. I can't even find a picture of me alone, but we are an important part of our scrapbooks. Your page HAS to include a story! It could be a recent story, a story from your childhood, something we don't know about you, your dream, your goals, a list of your favorites, your typical day at the moment, etc. Good luck!

Can't wait to see everyones page!

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  1. Okay, switching it up here... :) I was wondering why you said that it's going to be hard for you, now I know :) This should be interesting.... :) I don't know if will be harder for me or easier :)

  2. For me the hardest thing will be finding a picture of myself (alone)... I kind of picked a theme already. Have to start writing my journaling or I will have trouble fitting it on a page again... :)