понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.

Scrapbooking party

What a fun day! I don't know about everyone else, but I really had a lot of fun spending some time with friends! Our house is not big enough to hold to0 many people, but our guests were nice enough not to complain (except Sasha).

It feels like I have to write a report after a CHA show. I really wanted to share a few pictures and highlights of the day. I guess I should start with the most important photo - us. Well, it wasn't easy to find a perfect one. Out of sixteen shots taken, this must be the best one:

Is it even possible to take a picture of 6 "girls" who have to much fun?

Anyway, as I already mentioned earlier this was a great day. Even the weather was nice and almost warm. There was a lot of laughter :

And a lot of hugs (not all of those were captured on camera):
There was some jumping for joy:
Some quiet times (unfortunately that didn't last long):

And some loud times (up to six people talking and laughing at the same time):

There was a lot of talking, sharing, laughing, eating, sitting, reading... Some had fun, some had headaches, and at the end of the day some felt reeeally exhausted:

Thank you everyone for coming over! Hope to have more parties in the future.

I will be back with SS challenge later!

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  1. anya, i really like the pictures, but i wish they were in color

  2. Anya, yes I feel much better. we got home yesterday, put danik to sleep, turned on "Man vs Wild", and ilusha and i "melted" in each others arms. And my headache was magically gone. Talking about the power of love. Ok...I m gonna stop here, getting a little personal...

  3. Bedniy kotik, emy tochno dostalos na tot den'. Eshe othodit bydet dolgo, lol

  4. That was so sweet!... Melted... Hope his headache was gone with that too :)

    About pictures - collage with mixes photos from outside and indoors doesn't look that great, and also some pictures were taken with wrong settings, therefore quality wasn't the best.

  5. The first pic: I thought it's funny, Anya is whining, Lora thinks what's going on, Tanya copies Ira, Ira thinks she can fly, and Katya wanted to kick Ira but missed! lol

  6. Anka, no "point and shoot" can compete with an SLR! I'm glad my husband insisted on finally getting one this time around. :)

  7. Ha-ha, I thought sisters had fever and sister-in-law was catching it too... :)))

  8. I also love having our camera...if I can have my lenses at home :)
    That was a funny picture :) and you just had to include so many pictures of us jumping ;)

  9. Anka I love your description of that first picture. It's funny how we all can see the same picture differently.
    It all makes sense now, that is why you all need journaling on the pages, so you can tell about that picture exactly what it was all about.
    Thank you Anya for the party, I thought it was a lot of fun.

  10. Aww, look at that what Anya just said, it's so sweet about her sister Marusya.

  11. Здорово! как позитивно и дружно)