четверг, 9 февраля 2012 г.

"Winter JOY" and something edible

Good morning, friends! I've said it before and I will say it again - we love snow! Snow is the only joy in the winter. It makes a whole world look pretty and so magical. This is what my view looks like today...

... our birch tree in the backyard.

I wanted to share a page with you that I made recently. Usually, I don't like pages without journaling (talking about my pages here). I love when every page tells it's own story. But this layout, features some pictures from last month and I feel like they pretty much tell the story on their own.

There wasn't anything that I felt like needed to be recorded. And the joy kids had playing in the snow is captured on these pictures.

I didn't mean to add anything red onto the page, but I feel like as long as Suzanna wears that red winter jacket, I would have to add red elements to all the scrapbook pages with her wearing that jacket:)) I remember a season when Alyona had her purple jacket, and all of my pages ended up being purple. I just can't ignore the colors on the photos:).

Finished my layout with lots of stitching. As always. I do love tags too! I don't by them, I just cut them out of paper that matches my page:)). (Made another page yesterday that has three tags on it. Will share soon. That one has to have a story. That was the whole point of making that page.)

A few posts back I talked about making some "vareniki s kapustoi". I was craving them so much, that the very next morning I prepared cabbage for the filling - using fresh cabbage and sour kraut.

But my vareniki didn't quite happened. I found these in the fridge:

And decided to make pirozhki instead. It was so quick and easy! And lasted a little longer then vareniki would have. They went pretty well with tea!

So, the page is done, but that will not feed my husband. I promised him to make some chicken enchiladas. Anyone wants to come for dinner? Or do you need to see a picture first? Hopefully I don't forget to take a picture of it)).

Enjoy this beautiful day and I'll see you soon!

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  1. First of all, i totally agree with the snow part!!! i LOVE snow!!! And for people that don't like it as much should appreciate this snow, i call it the "perfect" snow... for the ones that love snow, we got some, and for the ones that don’t, the roads are clear and now shoveling, so everyone is happy :-)

    Second, Anya i like your picture, but more i'm impressed that you actually know the name of the tree :-) i had no idea how "berezka" translates into English.

    Third, very nice LO!! Can't believe you did it this fast and yes some pictures/LO don't need journaling, it speaks for itself! :)

    And Fourth, I WANT SOME PEROZHKI!!!!!! I want those SOOOO bad that I am going home and no matter what I’m going to MAKE them!!! Anya, WHERE is the recipe?! :-/ I guess i'm just coming over for enchiladas and asking for a recipe there ;-) :-D see you soon!! :)

  2. Ira, I love your detailed comments! Agree with the "perfect" snow. If I thought of it first, I might have titled the page so, and added your journaling :)

    Sorry, we ate pirozhki last week, but you are sure welcome for dinner. And the recipe is simple - make the filling. Stuff biscuits with it and fry them. Enjoy!

  3. Anya, i like reading your posts. If I m not leaving a comment here, it doesn't mean I don't visit the site. I just feel like I m gonna say same things over and over again...nice page..."deliciously" looking food, want some samples, etc.

  4. Ira I totally agree with the "perfect snow" I was thinking of it on the way to work. I was absolutely beautiful and the roads were clear. I felt bad that didn't have my camera with me, it was the morning for perfect winter pictures for sure.
    Anya amazing page, finally in the season! :)
    I guess I am kind of lucky to live next door to you, pirozhki bili ochen vkusnie!!

  5. Anya, I would love to come if I was a little closer

  6. Well i made the pirozhki :-D gotta say, kinda proud of myself, i'm not much of a baker but being it was my 1st time they turned out ok! They just need to be a little lighter. My honey even kept asking for more... that made it even better and totally worth it!! :) Now have to make it with potatoes since it's Sashenka's favorite :)

  7. Ira, thanks for the picture! Your pirozhki turned out pretty good and your representation was great too! See, next time you want to make a LO just call me for a recipe :)))

  8. Nice LO Anya! Yes, sometimes pages do not need journaling, but that is a rare occasion ;)
    Pirozhki look good! Would love to see those varenichki some day, i'm really interested now.
    Would have loved to come for dinner...oh well :) some other time ;)