вторник, 28 февраля 2012 г.

Good morning!

Last week I decided to take a little break from scrapbooking, because I didn't want to make another wordless layout, and knowing myself, it will be twice as hard to add journaling to the pages later, that I already shared here without words.

Anyway, I soon as I stepped away from my scrapbooking corner, my new inks arrived, AND... on the very same day my husband found a complete set of 8 cartridges (my Cannon printer requires this much) in the basement. REALLY? All this time I was complaining for nothing?... Now I have 3 sets... 24 cartridges... that should last me awhile.

But this page was done about two weeks ago:

I was debating weather or not it needs journaling. But my daughter's facial expression says it all! I loved this photo and got it printed enlarged to 5x7.

It was the last day of summer. We decided to enjoy this day by doing our favorite things, taking in every minute of it...

And once again, this page was done with 6x6 papers. I like how these papers dictate the design on the page. These were the four papers I used (two of some of them):

So, while I was taking a break from scrapbooking, I enjoyed some sewing. Finally sewing on fabric this time. I was working on a little quilt. It's still in the process. I made a few simple quilts before, but this one is by far the most time consuming (something I could let myself to splurge on). But it was fun to work on. You do more folding and ironing for this style than actually sewing. Here is what I worked on:

Also, I promised a recipe of the cake for Marinushka:
1/2 stick of unsalted butter
1 cup of granulated sugar
3 eggs (lightly beaten)
4 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp vodka
1.5 tsp baking soda
3.5 cups flour.

I found an instructional video on YouTube that is very similar to how I make this cake. You may watch it here. For the filling, I used 1 can of sour cream and 3/4 cup of sugar, plus 1/4 tub of whipped topping. Happy cooking!

See you soon!

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  1. That's such a nice layout... I can't wait till summer gets here. I already bought a watermelon to pretend it's summer. And your quilt- wow, how did you do all those squares? It looks so neat!

  2. Anya lovely summer layout, my kids keep counting days to spring and longer days.
    QUILT really? How do find patience to work on something that time consuming? It is for sure not for me. But it is looking good! :)
    Anka did you have to mention WATERMELON?! You know how much I love watermelons! Ya nedumala chto mozhno nayti v eto vremya goda

  3. That cheap produce store I was telling you about at the baby shower had watermelons for 4$ and it happened to be very ripe and sweet.

  4. Ha-ha, Anka... "pretend it's summer", don't we all wish it was summer already!

    Tanya, next time we go to Phily, we need to stop by that store of Anka's...

    Sorry Vlad, there's still no ice skating page here... maybe next week...

  5. I agree Anya. Maybe we can ask Anka to get some fruit for us when she is coming to visit us next time :-)
    I love all the fruit, wish we had the store like that near by.

  6. I sell fruit :D My own store, better than the one my sister is talking about. Oh, and I totally forgot about ice skating thing, but alrighty :).

  7. He-he-ha, you are so funny! Well I guess for the beginning I'll just have a few watermelons... want to join Anka in pretending game :))

  8. Actually, it's he-ha-he. :) and watermelons are on sale around my store! 20% off every pound. So take 20% from $43.25. Best deals around. Please call me at 717-712-6725 for any more information.

  9. Yea, girls! Come over and I will show you where that store is!

  10. Anya, nice lo! I do miss summer...this winter has brought a lot of sickness around and I don't like it, tired of it... hopefully spring will appear soon!
    The quilt looks very nice. Is it for your baby boy? I like the colors, teal/torquoise and brown, the colors I have in our home :)

  11. Thanks Lora! I miss summer too! Actually I just want spring to come already! I hope you all stay well, and don't sick anymore.

    Anka, I wish you were just a tiny bit closer :)