вторник, 19 февраля 2013 г.

Just a few more cards...

Hello! It's snowing beautifully here! Hope there will be enough of it to cover the world in white! Meanwhile, I just wanted to share a few more cards I did lately. These are pretty simple.

One more in red/white/black color combination. Added washi tape on the side in two different patterns. I made this one with Alyonka in mind. She is a little obsessed with anything French. Eiffel tower is a downloadable shape from Silhouette online store.

Here I just used a lot of banners cut from different yellow pattern papers. Added glitter to my flower to make it a little more special.

More yellow/black color on the card. I stamped these butterflies with silver pigment ink. I like how much softer they look then stamping in black. I see myself using a lot of this ink in the future.

And while I had a whole lot of yellows scattered around my table, I decided to use them all on one card creating a sun shape. I zig-zag stiched all the seams here.

I will be back soon with more. Hopefully I get a chance to make a page now. I have started one two weeks ago, but it's just sitting on the table waiting to be worked on.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

7 комментариев:

  1. Очень красивые откытки! И сколько это нужно найти терпения чтобы прошить столько солнечных лучей, уму непостижимо.

  2. Anya ochen' krasivie otkritki! Ya tozhe udevlyaus' kak mozhno proshit' stolko luchey, a eshe na bumage... very nice!

  3. love them all.....really love your sunshine card...I have got to try this!