четверг, 21 февраля 2013 г.

Soup of the month...

My mom shared a recipe with me and my family fell in love with this new soup. It is super healthy and tastes really good. But, I guess, you have to be a seafood lover to like this one:) My family loves seafood and likes trying something new too, so it was a good experiment.

I have made it twice in the past month and my kids are asking for it again. 

Basically, you start by cooking potatoes, cut into small pieces, (bay leaf, one whole onion and a celery stick - these will be removed at the end). When potatoes is almost done, add cut up fish, shrimp and scallops. Add broccoli and asparagus, a piece of ginger, and a few pieces of garlic. Finish by adding lots of fresh greens - parsley and dill, salt, pepper. Done. Try not to overcook vegetables. They still had nice green color when I made it.

I judge recipe by how well a 4-year-old eats it. She loves this one!Sorry for not including the bowl of cooked soup. I guess it was smelling too good, so we stated eating it right away and forgot about a picture:)

Having a few sick family members in the house:(  That's why I could not create much this week. Hope to be back soon though!

See you!

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  1. oh, I didnt know you have to take out the onion. And mom didn't mention the shrimp, but she added crab meat too.

  2. and one more thing...she added corn too. I guess you can just add whatever you like : )

  3. Must have been something like corn chowder :) (although that's creamy) This recipe sounds really good. Ya kogda uxu delayu, tozhe with 2 different fish and shrimp. Must try this!
    P.S. Next time take a pic of the soup :)

  4. Катя, мама добавляла кукурузу но я делала без неё. А за крабовые палочки я забыла. Первый раз они остались лежать в холодильнике, а второй раз варила уже с ними.

    Лора, он действительно похож на уху, только вкуснее:) Если вы уху едите, то этот вам тоже понравится!