понедельник, 4 февраля 2013 г.

Layout and a card...

Hello, I'm back as promised.  Today I planned to share my last two layouts for Les Paperies de Pandore, but instead I have a layout and a card. My second page needs journaling yet. I will try to get it done tonight so I can post it tomorrow. Notice, I don't always keep my promises regarding the next post :)

This time I wanted to concentrate on yellows and oranges in the collection. This gave me an idea to look for fall pictures.

By adding green cardstock, I think it gave the page a totally different feel.

Banners were cut with my favorite tool - Cameo. I adhered them first and then stitched across the top.

And here is a card in similar colors. 

I love these new flowers! If you like them too, here is my little secret how to make them :

They have these in a few different colors - light green, peach, baby pink. I bought just one to see if it will actually work the way I imagined it. And I think it did.

That will be everything for today, and I'll see you tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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  1. Oh, I din't understand it then :). If you make this post remember me.

    I love your blog too I like this pumpkin patch. The picture with the 'with-stamp' and the flower on the card!


  2. Anya the LO is beautiful as always, love the picture and all the colors surrounding it... makes very sweet and bright and Happy :)

    The card... WOW!!!! Absolutely magnificent!!! The flower is such a clever idea and so gorgeous!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Oh... thank you! You really can make me feel good :))

  4. Anya, such beautiful projects! I love the pumpkin patch LO! The title is awesome!
    What type of glue or adhering product did you use for the flower?

  5. Glue dots. They will hold pretty much anything and are perfect for holding flowers :)