понедельник, 8 апреля 2013 г.


Good Monday morning! I love Mondays. It's a new beginning, and feels a little like a mini New Year celebration. On Monday mornings I always feel like I'm going to be better, faster, kinder, get more done, have more patience, ... and then Monday afternoon comes. By this time I'm glad there might be another Monday soon.

Last week my four year old enjoyed placing a birdhouse on a tree in our backyard. She loves to check it a few times every day to see if it needs to be filled with more seeds. Glad there's something to do for her. Also, her older sisters helped her do a few more of the bird feeders that we saw on Pinterest.

Yes, these came from toilet paper rolls. These were covered in peanut butter and rolled in seeds. I was surprised that first day birds weren't interested in them at all and a few days later all four of these rolls were completely clean!

Speaking of birdhouses, there's this sweet paper in a Lovely birds collection that I wanted to use for some time:

From the moment I saw that paper, I was tempted to cut these birdhouses out. And I finally did. Lots of birdhouses plus lots of pop dots equal to this little card:

 Side view:

I've added a few glitter stickers and rhinestones that seem to go well with a grey wood grain background paper. 

I have a few more cards and a layout to share, so that's going to be a great reason to come back tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

See you soon!

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  1. Wow! What a lovely card! It's so sweet, really! Your daughters are sweeties too! It's so good of them to take care of the birds!

  2. Oh, thank you so much! And my kids are happy to take care of birds since they are not allowed to have any pets:)

  3. Аня,я вот подумала,а ничего, что я на русском пишу?
    ну вот. а вообще же хотела написать,что это чудесная открытка!обожаю домики и птичек!!
    и дочурка милашка у тебя :)

  4. Алина, на русском это отлично! Я же сама через раз пишу то на русском то на английском:) И спасибо большое за комментарий!

  5. Anya beautiful picture of Lianochka… I’m surprised she’s not by the bird house all day to check if there are birds in it, you’d never have to refill it ;-) haha but the toilet paper tube feeder is a very clever idea! Look really good too, good job girls!!!
    And the card is so cute! I love how you cut out the houses and arranged them… just adorable!!!

  6. Хахаха... она вообще то наблюдала за птичками из окошка:)

  7. Wow Anya, the card is beautiful!! Have to agree that I love the arrangement of the houses. Did you cut them out by hand? and how about the little circles on some of them? And Lianochka looks so cute and sweet in that picture. How nice of them to feed the birdies :)