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December Daily - Day 1

Hello friends! I'm so happy to finally be able to start recording our December this year! I've skipped DD last year, but kept thinking about ways I could simplify the process to return to it this year. I've decided to go with a 6x8 PL album and three different styles of sheet protectors. I really want to make it doable! My goal is to record it daily and to finish it strong!

So, Welcome DECEMBER DAILY - 2014!

I was glad that I didn't have to decorate the cover, not because I don't enjoy doing it so, but because I don't like to see it wear out through the years. I want to have this album accessible at all times. It will be sitting beside my other PL and scrapbook albums.

I made a title page for the album. Very simple. I don't have too many winter pictures yet, so just used a few random photos from our first snowfall. It's pretty much a digital page (made in Picasa) with an addition of stitching and rhinestones.

And here is our actual first day documentation:

DD day 1.

I will be honest with you - it didn't happen yesterday. I was going back and forth between documenting a story a day and documenting Holiday memories, and when I had to spend the day away from home on the first of December and my oldest child was SO very sick, I realized that documenting holiday related stories was the way to go!

So glad that this system allows you to handle one little thing at a time without making it overwhelming. I always wanted to add stitching to my DD, but it was a problem hiding the back side - now I just have more cards and more photos on the back of each pocket!

Because of the gloomy day, I had to turn on the light to take pictures and to avoid the glare I took all the cards and photos out.

Another decision that came along the way was to print photos at home. I like to do it in time. I don't feel inspired to catch up on weeks of missed days. Quality may not be as great, but it's the only way to be on track.

Another happy little detail is that I simply use one of the cards for journaling. I like to have everything done before printing the story and it used to be a problem in previous DD albums (the ones we constructed ourselves).
I'm choosing the least resistant way for DD this year. Simple. VERY Simple. The only other thing I want to concentrate on this year is to include more voices! I want to add journaling by other family members - it's a must for me this year! I actually wanted to name this album December Daily Letters in the beginning. I wanted us to write little notes every day and add them in envelopes to the album, but, again, not to make it stressful and to avoid the feeling of failure, we will write some letters occasionally and add them as we go, whenever possible.
Here is the link to my DD of 2012 - Days 1 & 2
And here is one from DD 2011 - Days 1&2
I guess I made one in 2010 too - DD 2010
I hope you are joining hundreds of other people on this exciting journey too! It will be fun to check what others are doing with their DD, especially my friend Lora B! :))
Thank you so much for stopping by and I really hope to be back very soon!

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  1. II love the blue album and your first page looks wonderful. For week in the life I'm true to photos on the day but December daily if we do two Christmas activities on one day they are documented but not necessarily on the same day. We put up our Christmas Tree on the 29/11 as it was a weekend and I always document this on the 1st December. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. LOVE this! The green in the pages with the blue album just pops! Gorgeous!!!

  3. Thank you, ladies! Kathy, I'm glad I'm not the only one to record a memory from 11-29 on the first day of December :) It's a Holiday related so it has to be in the DD!

  4. Аня, как здорово! ну очень вдохновляюще!!! так мне нарвятся твои ДД - такие все белые, светлые, праздничные... с нетерпением жду продолжения!

  5. Спасибо Танюша! С вашими добрыми отзывами можно продолжать! :)

  6. Coucou, que c'est beau ! tes photos sont toujours à tomber, j'adore ! bise bise du jour

  7. Wow, I have the same album, except mine is a bit different color blue, darker. I keep switching back and forth between this one and a red polka dot one, but chose this style, felt a bit better quality and the other one was shiny...
    Yes, as long as it's within this season of leading up to Christmas, it should be included. Later on when you are looking back, it's the memories that we want to record, not the preciseness of which exact day and hour :)
    P.S. that little Christmas tree on the journal card is super cute!

  8. Thank you! I guess we are on the same page about the recording memories! Some days have two separate stories, others don't have any. In the end: 25 recorded little moments is a great gift!