четверг, 1 марта 2012 г.


I thought I'll have a post every day this week, I did have enough to share, but little pieces are missing here and there, because I did let myself get distracted for one reason. One very BIG reason!

March brings a birthday for me, and to be honest I never look forward to it. Getting older is not fun. I still feel like I'm 24, and can't believe it's not true anymore. Well, someone decided to brighten up my day a little... Actually I think he just wanted to shock me. Not in any one of the very distant thoughts did I have the idea of getting such a present... I am speechless.

He also wanted to make sure it get here on time, so it came a few days earlier, and since I was home at that moment, we opened it -

... a brand new Silhouette Cameo!!! Really?

It is so fancy looking! Well, I just LOVE it! No wonder I didn't feel like posting anything yesterday...

Today I want to share a page that was started before Silhouette came. I had my backgrounds and my pictures on. I also, sketched a butterfly, and cut it out twice from two different papers, one being slightly bigger then the other one. I wasn't sure about the title, and when Silhouette came, that problem was solved instantly! Love it, when you can repeat pattern paper in your title!

When these photos arrived, they seemed too dark, and I actually have put them aside, thinking about reordering those, but when I placed them against Lost&Found collection by My Mind's Eye, they just looked so much better. For some reason I didn't think about yellows when I first looked at these pictures.

Here are a few close ups of the LO:

No wonder I didn't have time to write a journaling for this page...

Also, I came across Nic Howard's blog where she shared a post about a photo a day for March. One thing I was VERY happy to read is that for us, March first marks a first day of Spring rather then Fall (she lives in Australia)! I think I need to join in for this challenge, because March might come and go and I might realize I forgot to take any pictures during this month. You can read her post here.

Hope you have a great day, and if you find it hard to be inspired for photography during March, you can join in too!

See you next time!

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  1. AWESOME! :) For some reason I had the feeling that this was going to happen to you this year :) I am so happy for you! I'm sure it will be used a lot, can't wait to see all that you will do with it.
    I actually got some of Becky Higgins PL supplies and starting with today, I am doing project life :) the last two months will be a summary. I'm excited :D
    And you don't have to hand make anything anymore,(unless you really want to:) you can just use the cameo :)

  2. Aww, what a sweet surprise! He must of really took the time to do some research to get you the newest kind! Very sweet!!! Enjoy it! And I know its too early, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY month! :-D now you can enjoy your day instead of not liking it :-D Hmm, I wonder what he’ll give you next year! You gotta start hinting :-D

  3. Yay! Lora I'm SO excited you doing PL now!!! You will love it! What kit did you get?

    And Ira, I never think about that stuff especially a year in advance! But thanks for B-day wishes!

  4. Wow, that's so nice of Vitya to do that for you! It will be very useful!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Love that layout too! I have to try to work with yellows sometime too!

  6. My hubby said that a big surprise is awaiting me for my graduation next spring. Can't wait to see what that will be!!!

  7. I know, yellow is a color that I don't usually pick first, but these colors were so easy to work with that while I still had these papers on the table, I decided to do my very next LO with the same papers. Hope to share it tomorrow :)

  8. Anka, should I talk to your hubby? Like... maybe he needs a hint or something... :)))

  9. Anay, I didn't buy a kit, I bought separate products that I liked and thought I would need, the ones she had as links a couple of posts ago.

    Oooo Anka, that's very mysterious :) Very exciting!

  10. I know he knows about such scrapbooking machines because I was telling him about it once. We'll see what he will come up with...

  11. Lora, did you get divided page protectors or you going to do it in a different type of album?

  12. Anya, so far, to begin with, i bought photo pocket pages - big variety pack 1 and also the 3x4 grid journaling cards. I'm deciding what else I want to buy, but I got those two to begin with ...

  13. Perfect! That might be all you need! This is what I'm using this year. I cut out my own week title cards, because Becky's looked a little too busy for me. I'm just so excited you decided to do PL this year!

  14. I'm excited too :) I will also probably get the 6x12 page protectors, and I like their black/white photo binders, simple, clean and classic.
    I think I will also do a book with PL concept for Dimochka, a month by month thing with his development, pics, funny things, to est recording him growing up.

  15. LUCKY girl!!! That is the best present ever! Your layout is adorable!!