понедельник, 14 мая 2012 г.

Cards for Mom and Dad...

Hi, I would rather choose a sunshine instead of rainy day, but I don't have a choice. It's raining and seems like there's no end to this... I'm not complaining, I just don't feel as creative in such weather. Well, maybe that's a good thing, at least I might do some ironing instead.

Three things I wanted to share today - a favorite picture of the week and two more cards.

I love these people. They are so much fun to spend time with unless you would ask for a cooperation for the picture. Yeah, I know I interrupted their game but still... as I was asking for some smiles on the other side of the lens my sister told everyone to make very boring and sad faces. And guess who they've chosen to listen too? Of course! After that they bursted in laughter and "some" of them even fell on the ground... Perfect. Yes, I remind myself once again - that's just the way we are. Got to add it to my PL album.

And now those two cards I promised. First one was for Mom. I didn't want to write "Happy Mother's Day" because it could be used for Mom's birthday. Anka mentioned doilies and how they reminded her of her grandmother. I started thinking what other way I could use them in, and then the idea of apron and ruffles came to me. I don't know about you, but I picture my Mom wearing apron all the time because we were blessed to have a Mom that cooked as homemade meals every day of our lives. Here is the card:

I covered inside of the card adding a little pocket for a Thank You gift card. Moms deserve that.

And then, I decided to make one card for the Father's Day (just realized I'm missing a letter on a card). I've chosen these manly colors with a soft touch of ribbon:

I realized that making cards actually is a lot of fun. There's kind of no pressure to be perfect, because there's no pictures involved and also they come out pretty fast compare to a whole 12x12 page with journaling. No, that doesn't mean I'm switching to cards. It's a fun alternative, depending on your time and your mood. Love all the choices scrapbooking gives you! 

Have a few ideas cooking in my head. Hope to be back soon to share them! 

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  1. Anya you are so incredible creative that i think words can't even describe it! I really mean it! Those cards are gorgeous!!! btw, how come they were not an option when i was picking cards? I would of SO taken them!!! :) and the pictures... really? U had to put them up? But i do agree with the saying "i love them"... i LOVE my BIG family! Every single one of them! Wish we could all live closer and have these little get together's like we had this Sunday :) and NO, i didnt tell them not to smile :-D haha well actually i did but it was so funny, as soon as you tell someone NOT to smile you know that that is so not going to happen :) it was fun! Thanks for the pics :-D

  2. Спасибо, но открытки я сделала только в субботу... Мамину можно и ко дню рождения:)

    А на счет фото, как раз все и согласились тебя слушать, только я сначала не разобрала что происходит, а потом всем стало смешно :)))

  3. Whoever related to Ryabukha parents, thank you again. It was really nice and the food was very delicious!
    Those pictures are really funny, I guess that is just how we are :)
    And the cards are so amazing! Thank you for the ones I already got from you. Better start working on some Wedding and Birthday cards!

  4. I think that apron card is my favorite of all! I also love that you have father's day card all warm and cozy by including cup of tea and soft ribbon, unlike how they frequently make Father's Day cards kinda too manly using dark colors and stuff. Very creative! I gotta think of making some cards for my mom's birthday soon and my dad's for sure ato he's turning 50 this year!

  5. Thank you again! I made another card for man, but thought it wasn't enough to write a separate post for it today. So, check tomorrow morning :)

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