пятница, 18 мая 2012 г.

How to make paper roses...

Happy Friday everyone! I'm here to share a few more cards and answer a question on how to make paper roses. All of my cards have them on today. Here is the first one:

You can easily make these by following steps on the pictures below:
1. Punch a circle. 2. Here I used 2.5 inch circle punch. If you don't have a punch, you can trace something round found around the house. 3.Cut around the circle leaving a strip about 1/3 of an inch thick. 4. Stop when you get almost to the end. You can trace a line with a pencil first if you want to.
5. On the outer part of the spiral strip make wavy line. The more uneven you make it, the prettier your flower will look. 6. Start wrapping. Make sure you begin with the outside edge. 7. Roll the entire strip trying to match the bottom part (don't worry about the top now). You can certainly do it upside down. 8. Press the flower, and let it loose on the table. If it's too tight, loosen it up a little and place it on a glut dot, pressing down. Done!

Here are two more cards with handmade paper roses (this one was inspired by the picture of a Garden found on Pinterst):

And just one more (the bracket shapes were cut with Silhouette): 

I hope you enjoyed a little lesson and will give it a try. I did make 5 cards yesterday, but the other two didn't have roses on them, so I will share those later : )

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. V O O B S H E E E E!!!!!! ti prosto baranka! kak mozhno tak delat'?!? UZHAS KAKAYA KRASOTA!!!!!! vse... u menya nechego govorit! Prosto SPEECHLESS!!!

  2. Ох, можно подумать... но все равно спасибо! Вы же понаприходите, порасхваливаете, вот и начинаешь дальше сочинять...

  3. Well what ever we said (ya tochno ne pomnu) it must of helped!! Ochen ochen krasivie otkritki!!!! So since we helped i guess 11% of the profit is ours! :-D

  4. Gorgeous! I just absolutely love the one with the vase full of roses, just beautiful!

  5. Anya as I said before all these cards are absolutly gorgeous, fantastic!
    I am coming over today to get some from you!
    It looks not that hard to make a rose following your directions, but I am sure it wouldn't turn out the same for me! That is just how its always been! O well, ne vsem nam bit odinakovimi :)
    No y tebya tochno poluchaetsya prosto prelest!! Keep working poka est vozmozhnost i naidi konvertiki, a ya na raboty prinesu ix skoro to prodam.

  6. Za skolko kto dumaet amerikantsi kupili bi ix? Any suggestions?