пятница, 4 мая 2012 г.

Good news...

Hello! I have a good news for you today - it's Friday! My family loves Fridays, so I suppose that everyone does too.

This past week I have been working on too many projects - mini album for my Mother-in-law, ABC mini, 2 new layouts, Summer smash books for my girls, Project Life, and crafting a post in my head about budget scrapbooking - and for that reason don't have much done. Let me know what do you want to see next. Maybe that will push me in one direction, instead of doing everything at once...

Well, I did finish one of the pages. It's about a place we like to visit. I was inspires by the carousel paper to create a layout. Here is my finished page:

I do have a whole lot more pictures from that day, but they divide into two more themes, therefore they would have to be scrapped separately.

My albums are getting too full and I  think I'm getting ready to divide all of my pages by categories soon, like Stacy Jullian suggested. I need to get a few more 3 ring binders to do that.

There was a card that I made for my new nephew. I didn't take a picture of the original one, but I made two cards that day (both very similar) and here is one of them:

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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  1. Friday is no doubt my favorite day of the week, of course it's my day off and time to catch up on everything always make me feel great, and if you add nice weather, then the joy doubles. :)
    Anya it sounds like way too many projects to handle at one, how do you do it? I guess that might be the only way to get yourself distracted from how uncomfortable you are feeling and how ready you are for baby to be born already. I think it really works for you.
    And that card is so lovely, kalyasochka prosto prelest sdelana!!

  2. You are exactly right about it. And I'm so thankful that my husband understands me in this situation! That was the reason he got me the Silhouette.

  3. Hi, there! I feel like I've missed so much!! Anyways, that's such a cute card! Love it! Your layout is beautiful like all of your layouts. Love Fridays too especially when it's nice out.

  4. Thank you! Anka, is your school year coming to the end too or you are planning on taking classes during summer? Our kids are counting days!

  5. My semester ends next week but I'm taking classes the second part of summer. Will have a little break still, though.

  6. Well, I hope we will see some of your creations then! You deserve a break!

  7. Anya, you could make these and sell them :)