понедельник, 7 мая 2012 г.

National Scrapbooking Day

"Happy NSD!" was all over the Internet this past weekend. At least at the places I usually visit. At the beginning, I wanted to join the fun of creating and celebrating this day with others by participating in challenges and scrapbooking. But then, the thought that it was a weekend, when my whole family was home, I decided to spend more time with family instead. I did check a few sites and the excitement, but my scrapbooking for the day was just taking some pictures, with hope that I'll get more ideas and desire to record these memories later.

Just a few of my favorites. Here I was enjoying frappe, made by Alena. She is a pro at that. It was my favorite part of the day - enjoying the sun and a cold drink with a camera by my side:

Saturday was a very warm day with summer-like weather. I let the little one enjoy the sprinkler with her favorite cousin:

My husband was working on his favorite project on Saturday - making a domra. Usually he spends most of the day in the garage, and the environment there is not too attractive for a photo. Today, though he was able to do some touch ups outside. Here he was taking a break with a fruit smoothie:

This is a candid shot of my Frappe Pro taking a break just the way she likes it:

And here is another one enjoying her break in her own favorite way:

This is one of my favorites from Sunday of the two older ones:

And these three are suddenly into taking pictures, or at least it looks like that. I thought it was a funny how they all checked their cameras at the same time:

And this has to be the best one of the youngest, when her older sister asked for a smile:

Anyway. I did find a few minutes to make a card on National Scrapbook Day. I wanted to share something I did specifically that day. I made this card using a 6x6 paper collection from My Mind's Eye. Added flowers, ribbon and pearls.

I also realized I have a few papers from the same collection I could share with someone ( I have more then one of each), but these are 12x12 papers. I understand that not all of you are scrapbookers or you may be way too busy at this time for scrapbooking, but if you think you want to try making a page sometime let me know by Friday, leaving a comment on this post.

It's time to wrap up today's rambling, so I hope you have a great week and find something to celebrate each day. Life is a gift and there are enough reasons to celebrate every day! 

See you soon!

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  1. Hahaha the last picture of Liana...

  2. :)) А вы когда на воллейбол приедите?

  3. Haha the last picture of Lianochka is so funny! :-) and wow, Vladka was first one to comment… ew! :-) anyway, Anya Sorry that I can’t be as excited with you for NSD, I guess it shows who’s really into it… but that card is so nice!!! I want that one too! :-D oh and btw, where is my order of cards? :-D
    And Alonka… I want another frappe!!! :-( It was so good! Good picture of it An’ :-D and the picture of Lianochka under sprinkler is so “summery” I love it! But did you have to include Vitya? Haha actually I rarely see Vitya smile like that, looks like you made him laugh haha its funny :) its a good thing he has a smoothy in his hand, or else i could see his famous "wave" comming, you know what i mean! :-D love his outfit :-D but I think my fave picture is of Alonka, so jealous! That’s what I would want to do right now! Just lay on a blanket with a frappe by my side! But the pic of Ritta and Suzik, looks like Ritusya is about to land on her foot, and its going to be painful! Ouch… but I guess they were ok, just look at all of those photographers… I wonder where they get that from? :)
    Your doing good An’… keep taking those pictures! I’m sure they will speak to you someday and they will be on a LO page!

  4. Ira with the first comments on being mean to me... lol :D

  5. Oh Vladisuchishik, i'm never mean to you :-D ew haha

  6. I can't even say my name anymore... Vladisuchishik? Yeah, I'm clueless. I need speech lessons now. :)

  7. Ха-ха... Ира я рада что вы с Владиком наконец встретились:))) А ещё я хотела спросить, зная что впереди нас ожидает здесь на блоге перерыв, как на счёт замены? Ты всё равно пишешь целые истории в комментариях!

  8. Anya great pictures! It is kind of "project life" of it's own, and we all have access to it. I like it. Don't really want to repeat a lot of what Ira already described, totally agree! She just happed to be the first one, and I was REALLY busy past few days.
    I agree Ira you definately grew in your writing skills :) (I don't mean talking to Vlad)

  9. :))) Таня, ты тоже не замечаешь, но как здесь так и в PL свободно сможешь записывать по пару предложений! Надеюсь ты уже определилась с форматом...

  10. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves in their own way :) I want a frappe too! :) or a smoothie. Kak-to vkusnee kogda ktoto drugoi delaet i podnosit ;)
    Lovely card. Reminds me of fall for some reason, maybe the colors. Very warm and welcoming :)
    I would not mind getting those papers at all, although I haven't had much time at all lately and project life is not going well :/ (I am way behind on that) But I am doing Dimochka's album :) month by month.

  11. Lora, I'm surprised you have time to sleep not talking about anything else. Your time will come and everything will fall in it's place! А пока тебе Божиих благословений закончить школу!!!

    But I'm glad you are recording your baby's growth!

  12. Thank you! Well, I am done with finals!!! Graduation is Saturday, Yaaaaay :)

  13. Thank you! Slava Bogy!!! I can't believe it :)