вторник, 8 января 2013 г.

A little gift...

Good morning! We are in the middle of some changes around the house, which left me without my favorite spot - my creative corner. I realized, I can't create if I don't have my own spot. Besides that, I'm getting ready to say goodby to my camera, which makes me sad and scared. It needs to be shipped off to get fixed, but I'm afraid to be left without it for up to six weeks! I was putting it off for too looong now, and the time has finally come to do so :(

But for now, I'll share a little gift idea, I made for a friend. Originally, I wanted to give one of these to all of my sisters, but... you know when the desire doesn't match with the opportunity or time. December was just way too busy, as always.

I made some boxes, and filled them up with homemade cookies and a matching holiday kitchen towel. 

Waaaah.... I'm still looking for an excuse to put off the shipping of the camera. Why is it so hard? Was I just too attached to it? How am I going to post things? What I'm I going to add to my PL? waaah...

Well, I guess I would have to use my sister's camera sometimes.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to be back soon!

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  1. Anya, ya tebe yje ne raz pridlogala moi cameras. Konechno kachestvo bydet daleko ne to, ny lychshe chem nichego. Dai mne znat' esli hochesh kakim to iz nih popol'zovatsya.

    Very nice gift, i wonder who is the lucky friend?

  2. Yea and who is the lucky one?

    Very nice idea for the gift! Boxes look very good and I bet it is delicious!

    My camera is just steps away, always welcome! By the way, maybe you will learn how to use it properly and teach me then :)

  3. Спасибочки сестрички! Вы меня успокоили. Катюша, я с удовольствием возьму любой из них на это время. Хотя и Таниным можно было бы попользоваться, но а если нам Таня с тобой нужен будет фотоаппарат в один и тот же день но в разным местах...

  4. Oh how i want some of those wedding cookies right now!!!! Very nice packaging Anya, its beautiful! Natasha was very lucky to get some :)

  5. Very very nice idea :) But for some reason I didn't get a box like that either.... ;D
    Waiting for more December Daily, LO, projects, posts..... or something!

  6. Ira, for some reason my cookies didn't turn out as good as yours... or maybe I ate a little more than I had to:)

    Sorry girls for a longest break in the blog existence history... I WILL be back soon!