среда, 2 января 2013 г.

Welcome 2013!

It's a new day, new month, New Year and a new beginning! Happy New Year to everyone and I wish 2013 to be one of the greatest! Best wishes to all of you!


I love seeing "Top 10" posts at the end of the year, where bloggers post their favorite work. Obviously, I can't do that, but it was fun to look back and sum up the blogging life in 2012. Last year there were 95 posts published (please keep in mind that I was pregnant first half of the year and had a newborn the other half) There were 45 new layouts made, about 30 cards, 3 mini books, many more started but never finished, thousands of pictures taken, lots of precious memories recorded and a Project Life album kept going.

Instead of posting my favorites I decided to go online and check what other people liked from my work this past year. I didn't post all of my work to online gallery, but among published layouts, I found that this one was the most liked, for some unknown reason (again, it all depends what day and month it was posted):

Followed by the next two, both winter pages:

Overall, the most liked project last year was my Vacation mini album:

But I also found the ALL TIME FAVORITE project! It was viewed 1300 times, bookmarked many times and has 15 sweetest comments from other scrapbookers! It was a travel page I made, where the original idea came to me while I was falling asleep (yes, I had to get up and draw the ugliest sketch just to remember it in the morning). Here is the winner:

Thank you all who took their time to come here and leave comments, which were firing me up to do next project. Thank you sisters! Thank you friends! Thank you new followers - seeing a new name added always made my day! Thank you ladies for buying cards! Thank you everyone who stops by! I hope this place continues to bring you whatever you come here to get - weather it's inspiration, ideas, chat, check my spelling or any other reason:)

I guess I will share my three favorite pages of the year with you... I don't keep my pages in chronological order. After they are done, I just add them to the 3-ring binder album. Doing so, I usually try to keep the best one on top, and the page that didn't turn out quite well, I place at the end - that's how I found my top 3 :)))

Do you have a page that stood out for you? I would love to hear!

Also, I just have to mention that last year I was proud to be a guest designer at Two Peas in a Bucket and Les Papiers de Pandore ! It was a great year and I hope 2013 will bring more good to all of us!

But more than anything, last year we've experienced countless of blessings and I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for that! 

Once again thanks for visiting and have a Happy New Year!!!

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  1. A beautiful selection of work! I adore your travel layout!!

  2. Anya you should be very proud of yourself, I know we are! Great accomplishments in the year of 2012! Especially starting the year with a big belly and all the pregnancy issues and then with lack of sleep, and to get all these projects?! That is awesome!
    I think the layout "it's a beautiful life" is my favorite, such a unique combination, just breathtaking.
    Good luck with all the upcoming projects in 2013!

  3. Your LO's are amazing! I love your style! So much inspiration here! Happy New Year to you and your family. :)