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New value of Project Life...

Hello! I believe that, loosing pictures is any scrapbooker's biggest fear. This week I almost experienced that. The thought of losing a year's worth of pictures... my son's baby pictures, our everyday moments, special occasions... I could not agree that I just said goodby to all of them. But then Project Life came to my mind and suddenly that album grew in value! I was SO happy I took time throughout the year to print pictures. If I were to lose the pictures in the computer that night, at least I had about 450 saved in PL!  There - Project Life is also a great back up plan.

Luckily, my husband was able to recover all the photos for me. He went and bought an external hard drive, (the one I thought was too expensive before) and we backed up all the photos in the computer, plus I was transferring pictures from DVDs for two days! Lot's of work. But now I know what back up means and that was probably the last time I waited a whole year to to do that.

Speaking of Project Life, I decided to share a few pages in the album. It's not completely finished. I don't know if it will ever be (the journaling part), and I'm OK with that, like Ali Edwards likes to say.

Here are a few of my favorites from last year:

Week 30:

I have cut out NYC with my Cameo. Also, I used washy tape to hold the journaling card in place (it is easy to remove), but then I kinda liked it there, so I decided to keep it, folding half of it to the other side.

Week 23: 

I love how Susan Weinroth uses little 3x4 calendar cards. I really wanted to add some to my PL but I needed them to match the color I need at the moment. I decided to design one myself, so I can adjust the colors as needed.

Week 40:

Another close up of the calendar card, and a little banner I added on top of the picture - which was cut with Silhouette. I don't add much to my Project Life album, just an occasional little detail here and there. All of the week titles were cut with Silhouette too. Some of the dark ones were printed directly on pattern paper.

Week 23:

I don't have all of the journaling cards filled yet, as I mentioned earlier, but my pictures and dates are in place.

Week 38:

Another card was hand made. Phrase was designed and cut with Silhouette and than glued to a 3x4 piece of pattern paper (this one was by Echo Park, Dots and Striped collection).

That's a little glimpse into our Project Life.

Just wanted to mention: You don't have to be a scrapbooker to do a project life. There are SO many options today, and all it takes is a desire. Seriously. The rest are just tools. You don't even have to use these page protectors and cards. A nice and plain photo album would do it.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, plese ask, I'll be happy to answer!

See you!

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  1. Yea, "please ask" lol. I asked in the previous post and didn't get an answer.
    So basically, project life is kind of like a regular photo album and you just fill some pockets with photos and others with journaling?

  2. Ha-ha, you are right! I was going to answer and then was busy writing a post... Yes, I did see them at the store. I even saw some scrapbooker use them on their videos, but didn't have a chance to use it. They look pretty close to Tombow - once I use, just bigger. One time I was trying to calculate the value, which one was a better deal and they both came out pretty much the same.

  3. Ya toje backed up moi pictures na external hard drive, no moi dvd writer pochemy to ne rabotaet. Kak to ya ne sovsem doveryau tol'ko hard drive. Naschet PL, it's true that it's another way to back up your best pictures.
    And...Anya, really nice PL album

  4. Thanks! Katya, ya soglasna chto nuzhen double back up plan. Poetomy posle chistki komputera mi snova ix suda zagruzili,a takzhe ya rada chto postoyanno pechatau novie foto:)

  5. I LOVE your PL pages! Totally book marking your page. These are great!

  6. NICE! What a wonderful way to have pictures, memories, thoughts written down...
    I am doing project life this year too! Excited :)
    Also finishing up my DD. Such a wonderful way to remember the events. And I think i remember more that I would have without it.

  7. That is SO TRUE! I can't wait to see some of it. You'll share, right?

  8. Of course I will. Hopefully I can get it finished this year lol jk

  9. Love this and the December Daily, such a beautiful way to keep those precious memories organised. Wish I had done this when my children were younger!