пятница, 13 сентября 2013 г.

Fresh color combination...

I didn't expect September to be so busy... Or maybe I'm just not used to having older kids in school for so long every day. Whatever the reason, time just flew by this week so fast! I love blogging and really missed coming here with a new post.

Sharing a new card that I created last week in a little unusual color combination for me. I got inspiration from one of my pins on Pinterest:

And here is my card:

I added a little bit of black for the contrast. Actually, it all started with that tag, if I remember correctly :) I've been wanting to use those for a while...

There was a piece of paper that I placed in a "give away" pile. I was looking though it and suddenly realized, it was full of these beautiful leaves that I could cut out! I LOVED using these! It's my third card in a row with them and it makes me sad that I'm getting low on them... btw, the paper is by SEI. The rest of the papers, including flower is by Prima. The teal background paper was dry embossed with wood grain embossing folder.

Just a few pictures of a summery September...

Just like with scrapbooking - there are new fashions, new trends and new favorites. Seems like Frozen Yogurt places are on the hot list right now. Every time we stop by, there are plenty of people in there.

There's a Sweet Frog, by the music place where Alyona takes piano lessons, and it seems like a new tradition now to stop there. I've heard that YoFresh is a very nice one too! Can't wait to try it, since there's one coming soon close to us! My two very best flavors - Original Tart and Salted Caramel! They are SOOOO good! What are your favorite flavors?

Big "Thank you!" to my new followers!! Thanks everyone for stopping by here!

Always love hearing from you :) Have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. Pretty card!!!! :) i love the color combination! Can totally see a wedding in those colors... pretty!
    And Frozen Yogurt.... YEAH! LOVE it!!!!!
    Hope we'll be just as busy as sweet frog is ;-D you must come over then!!! ;)

  2. Thanks! We cant wait!!! You better get some of my favorite flavors! :))

  3. какая красивая палитра. и какая прелесть открыточка!:)
    и фотографии меня твои всегда радуют, Аня

  4. Спасибочки Алинка! А меня радуют твои комментарии! :)))

  5. Klassniy color combo! What kind of event is this card for?

  6. Ira, have you and Sasha gone to the grand opening of frozen yogurt place in West Chester yet?

  7. Anya, help me get overlock tensions right! I am so frustrated! How do you adjust them? Where do you start?

  8. Hi Anka! Glad to see you here again!! Q#1 - It's an any occasion card. I can add a sentiment later as needed. Sometimes I like to do that.
    Q#2 - Oh, that one is for Ira :) Q#3 - I just recently adjusted mine and it works as new! What brand is tour overlock?

  9. Anka, no we haven't. I dont think they had it yet. We want to :)

  10. Anya, I finally figured it out! I was intending on doing a wide 3 thread overlock, but Instead of putting the thread on the first thread spot, I put it on the second and thus the machine kept messing up stitches because the needle was positioned in slot A for wide stitch. I don't know if I am making sense. My machine brand is Elna.
    Ira, be sure to let me know when you go! I might be at the University at the time so we can get together!

  11. Coucou, ta carte est superbe, bravo et big bisou du dimanche

  12. Merci beaucoup Françoise! En utilisant Google translate, il peut ne pas être très précis :)

  13. Anka, I have a different brand machine, so I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about, but I'm glad you've got it working! :))

  14. I really love that color combination and agree with Ira can totaly see a beautiful wedding in these colors. Actually coral color is my favorite lately.
    How did you make those flowers? looks complicated.
    Cute pictures.
    Can't wait to try some yo-fresh, my favorite flavors also original tart, caramel, coffee and mango. So someone better have all thse available! :)

  15. Thanks! Those beautiful flowers are by Prima. I wish I could make them! I love coral too! And we also, are hoping to see our favorite flavors at YoFresh!

  16. haha you guys are funny :) and thank you for the support!! Too bad we will open in late fall, but its ok :) we have plenty of friends & relatives that i'm sure will visit us ;-D and Tanya, those are my favorite flavors too, so i'm sure we'll have those ;)

  17. I thought mabe you made those flowers, but it does look very complicated. Anyway love it!

    Ira maybe you should dacorate your place in these colors, the more I look at those colors the more I like it. It has kind of relaxing, comforting effect, and adding your favorite frozen yogurt to it, make a perfect combination. :)
    Honeydew sounds great, didn't know that was an option.

  18. By the way Ira there are gonna PLANTY of friend and family visitin, especially knowing we can get it for half off!! :))
    just kidding :)