понедельник, 23 сентября 2013 г.

Welcome Fall...

Good morning! It seems like every time I post something here, it's either a beginning of a new month or even better -  a new season...

And weather I like it or not, fall is here... I better like it. There's so many good things about fall. I try to concentrate on all the blessings in my life during fall...

We went on our first trip to apple orchard last week. I just love the look of that place! It kind of reminds me of my childhood. And I like everything that reminds me of that time!

These apples were SO good! Of course you can't compare the ones from the store to the ones that were hand picked fresh from the tree...

These particular ones seemed a little to big for this little man; he kept dropping them to the ground...

Today I can finally share a fall layout I did a while back. It has some of my favorite photos of my daughter when she was three. Despite the bright fall colors in these photos, her blue eyes still grab my attention, and that's what this page is about...

I started this page by basically copying the base of the layout from one of the Stephanie Dagan's page. I love to learn from other artists and she is a pro at layering.

I decided to use a very subtle title on this page, so I don't take attention away from photos. I used random papers from different brands and a five Project Life cards. They are one of my favorite things to use on a page!

Thank you so much for visiting!  Always love hearing from you!

Have a great day and I'll see you soon!

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  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! FALL!!! ;) my absolute favorite season! And agree with you, fall offers so much to like!!! :-D glad we got to share the apple picking together… love picking apples! And they were SO delicious!!! ;) but its not the same as picking cherries, or blueberries or strawberries… there I think I eat more then I pick… here you eat 1 apple and you’re full! :) but still totally worth it!!! :) Love the picture of Sashurka with apples… don’t you have a picture like that with all your kids? I think I remember Liana & Zhenya with almost the same basket of apples ;)
    And the LO is absolutely adorable!!! Your kids are so photogenic!!!

  2. Glad someone else loves fall! My favorite thing in the fall is having a window open to get fresh air! And taking walks of course :) You always remind me of more things to scrap - I think I do have similar pictures of older children :))

  3. So, so pretty, Anya! I know you made that title in a soft, subtle color so as not to distract from your darling photos, but that blue caught my eye first! Ever so pretty amidst all that fall! We're going apple picking this Friday ;). Can't wait!

  4. Thank you, Jinny! I guess soft colors can be eye catching too :) Yay, for apple picking! Our kids love picking anything, except for the toys on the floor :))

  5. Sorry, but I will not agree with you on my favorite season. Spring will stay my favorite!!
    But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy sleeping with open windows and taking walks in this kind of weather, absolutely agree with you on that one, and of course apple picking, love it!

    Interesnaya istoriya, Bog deystvitel'no otvechaet i na takie pros'bi. Vovochka kazhdiy raz s pervoy novosti o popolnenii ochen yserdno molilsya o krasivom nosike dlya detok :)

  6. Я всегда любила осень, но последних пару лет она приходит почему то быстрее чем я готова её встретить :(