среда, 18 сентября 2013 г.


Hello! How come is it Wednesday already? My little ones finally feel better, so I can go back to blogging now. I didn't make anything new, but I finished journaling on one of the pages I did earlier this month.

Remember I was talking about a page with 9 pictures on a 8.5x11 format? This is the one. Since photos on this page don't have people in them, this tiny size of pictures worked just fine. Also, my goal was to use little bits and pieces that were left form Les Papiers de Pandore collections.

I need to remember to leave enough room for journaling. At first I thought there will be just a few words for each picture, but after I tried to put it into sentences, I ended up with a whole lot more then expected. It took me longer to figure out what can be deleted then to write actual journaling.

I tried to remember what was the biggest number of pictures I did on a page. I looked through my gallery and found this one from September, 2011 with 16 photos... in case you were wondering :)

Today's page has a very summery feel. Yesterday I stopped at Michael's to get a new corner rounder punch, and was really inspired by all the fall stuff in the store! I flipped through a few fall collections and now I can't wait to create something in fall colors. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to be back soon!

Have a great day!

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  1. Are all those pictures from our neiborhood? Lovely!
    Now I miss summer a lot! Didn't get to see much, so busy all the time! :(
    Most of the time if I am visiting our neiborhood is fast through on our bikes with Zhenichka, so we miss all the details, I guess.

  2. Навсегда ваша Даша19 сентября 2013 г. в 06:57

    ААААААААААА!!!!!!!!спасибо большое!!!!!как же приятно!!!ой как к вам захотелось(((((((я только недавно смотрела эту страничку!!люблю тебя!!!

  3. Наша Даша, от твоего комментария у меня большая улыбка! :))) А к нам всегда пожалуйста!!!

    Таня, мне лета тоже не хватило! Совершенно трудно поверить что мы с ним уже попрощались :(( А фотала я то что мне напоминало о детстве - об этом страничка...

  4. Oh, I just love multi-photo layouts, Anya, and these are no exception! So pretty! I just never know when to print them smaller, and if they're not in my stash already printed to play with, I forget about them. So glad to hear your little one if on the up and up.

  5. Thank you Jinny! I guess I had a layout in mind when I printed these photos :)) I was trying to capture things that reminded me of my childhood :)